10 Halloween Hairstyles for a Spooktacular Look

We’ve all been there: we’ve got the perfect costume picked out, only to realise that our hair just isn’t rising to the occasion. But worry not! From my own hairstyling misadventures, I’ve gleaned some unique solutions.

This blog is the culmination of my styling experiments, tailor made for celebrating Halloween. Whether you’re flaunting long tresses or rocking that pixie cut, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and transform that hair into something boo-tiful!

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For the Short Hair Queens

1. Messy Updo for Short Hair

A classic for a reason! Ideal for those looking for Halloween hairstyles for short hair or planning short hair Halloween costumes, this look is a go-to.

Got oily hair? The slightly greasy texture will be your ally for this style. Ace this easy updo by teasing your locks and pinning them up.

Spritzing some hair texture spray not only amps up the volume but also keeps worries of hair breakage at bay. With the right hair and makeup, the outcome is a hauntingly elegant look, perfect for Halloween soirées.

2. Short Shag Mullet

A tribute to the groovy 80s! If you’re brainstorming for cool Halloween hairstyles, this iconic shag mullet is a must-try.

Its layers and volume make it an impeccable choice for fine hair. Now, here’s a twist: why not play with colours?

Dive into the spectrum of ombre hair colours or embrace the ethereal charm of pastel hair shades. Such Halloween haircut designs not only uplift the style but also give it a festive aura!

3. Sexy Tousled Wavy Bob

Ever imagined a look that whispers tales of sultry evenings and glamorous tales? Here’s how you can craft that narrative. For those wondering how to curl short hair to perfection, a wireless hair curler is your knight in shining armour.

Its prowess in crafting a natural wavy look is unmatched. But that’s not all! Complement the waves with face framing highlights, and you’ve got a Halloween hair design that’s both enchanting and effortless.

Ready for a hair makeover this spooky season? This wavy bob has got you covered.

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For Longer Locks

4. Textured Waves

The textured waves are the embodiment of Halloween hairstyles for those with medium-length hair. And guess what? Achieving this natural wavy hairstyle is a breeze.

By simply braiding your damp locks and letting them air dry, you can effortlessly get natural waves that exude grace. Once you release those braids, you’ll be welcomed by cascading waves. Give them a boost of shine with a spritz of almond or avocado hair oil and you’re all set for the night.

5. Beach Waves and Boho Braids

Thinking of trending hairstyles that scream Halloween? The beach waves come right up. But here’s the twist: throw in a couple of boho braids to elevate the entire look.

This style not only amplifies the volume, making it apt for those with fine hair but also offers an intricate Halloween hair design that’s timeless. And if you’re wondering about adding length, halo hair extensions mesh seamlessly with this look, enhancing its allure.

6. The Innovative Half Updo

We’ve all been fans of the messy bun, but the half updo is slowly becoming my new favourite. If you’re hunting for easy hairstyles for Halloween, then do the half updo!

It’s relaxed, chic, and offers a fresh twist when coupled with face-framing highlights or those quirky Halloween accessories we all adore.

7. The Curly Ponytail

Curl short hair or long; either way, the curly ponytail hairstyle never fails to impress. As we draw inspiration from trending hairstyles, the curly ponytail emerges as a forerunner, especially for Halloween hair.

Whether you’re feeling the 80s hairstyle vibe or something contemporary, this ponytail remains unbeatable for a fun-filled Halloween evening.

8. Dive Deep with Mermaid Braids

Is there anything more enchanting than the allure of the seas? The Mermaid braids encapsulate that essence, making them a staple for long hair Halloween hairstyles.

These intricate braids, which echo the elegance of mythical mermaids, are undeniably among the top Halloween hairstyles for long hair. And if you’re considering an added oomph, hair extensions weave in seamlessly, offering both length and volume.

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Go the Extra Mile for Halloween

9. Slicked Back Wet-Look with Highlights

Want to keep it chic and stylish? The slicked-back wet-look is a fantastic hairstyles Halloween option, especially for those with fine hair.

For an added flair, consider incorporating face framing highlights that can illuminate your features. To avoid hair breakage, it’s essential to prep your hair with hair texture spray for some added hold.

Once styled, consider using almond hair oil for that shiny finish. The final touch? Add a quality hair extension, and you can even explore brunette hair shades, ensuring your hairstyle truly stands out.

10. Shaggy with a Halo Hair Extension

Ever wondered how hair extensions work? If you’ve never tried halo extensions, this is your golden opportunity.

Offering volume and length, these quality hair extensions can transform your regular shag into something ethereal, perfect for Halloween hairstyles. To get softer hair that complements the extension, consider moisturising with treatments enriched with oils like castor or apricot kernel oil.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, wear halo hair extensions with highlights for that extra pop. Remember, maintaining the health of your locks is paramount, so don’t forget those healthy hair tips to ensure your mane stays luscious and vibrant.

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After the Party

Now that you’ve nailed your Halloween hair, remember to look after those locks. As winter approaches, hair gets dry, so consider switching to a silk pillowcase.

Explore hair oils suitable for your hair type, like almond hair oil for added nourishment. And when Christmas rolls around, don’t forget to revisit for more festive styles like the Christmas party hairstyle!

P.S. Don’t keep these stunning hairstyles Halloween exclusive! I’d love to see your creations, so don’t be shy to show off on social media—#sittingpretty.

Looking for more hair and makeup inspirations? Dive deeper into my other blogs and get ready for a hair makeover that’s beyond the ordinary! Remember, great hair doesn’t happen by chance; it happens by doing by appointment.

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