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This year, wedding season is all about nurtured hair + nature

This year’s wedding season has been particularly special for Iles Formula, with our founder, Wendy Iles, doing the hair for her daughter’s winter wedding in the French Alps. Her method was luxuriously, lustrous locks under a hooded cashmere cape, Once the hood was dropped down it exposed a spectacular display of golden locks. We take this opportunity to share her methods that work not only for a winter wedding but also Spring and Summer.



For the Spring / Summer 2024 season, soft, nurtured hair is definitely on-trend. Over-lacquered and stiff hair is no longer what brides want.


Last year’s trend was ribbons, whilst that trend isn’t going anywhere, the big hitter this SS24 wedding season is flowers. Both make a gorgeous bridal accessory with or without a veil. Floral accents woven into braids or nestled in loose curls or buns add a whimsical and romantic touch to your bridal hairstyle, adding a softness to your overall look. For a spring wedding example think daisy chains!


Often, the brides like to change their dress and their hair and makeup look from the ceremony to the reception. To make this transition seamless do not use hairspray, as this blocks the hair’s memory. The best approach is to start with a gorgeous, soft and silky blowout. The first style could be an up-do, a soft chignon or a French roll.


When doing this style, the trick is to pay attention to wrapping the ends cleanly. Then, for the second style, the base you previously created drops beautifully down to a cascade of sumptuous waves. Wendy uses this trick often between red carpet changes.



Wedding Must Haves

The Iles Formula Signature Collection will instantly deliver the most spectacular lustre and suppleness to even the most damaged hair from the first use. Let our reviews guide you, there is no other hair regime than this 3 step method to bring your hair back from the dead effortlessly, for your most important date.

I recommend brides have their hair cut and coloured ten days before the wedding. That is 1 or 2 washes before the big day, allowing the colour and cut to settle in. For those washes, use the Iles Formula Signature Collection – This three-step method instantly transforms hair into a sumptuous, nurtured texture, excluding shine and health.

Opt out of hairspray instead use  Iles Formula Finishing Serum. This formula has excellent protection against humidity alongside protection against heated tools too. It’s far more effective against humidity than traditional hairspray whilst also maintaining the hair’s integrity, making the retouch look and feel like it was freshly done with a soft and sumptuous texture. 

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