25 Summer Hairstyles That Are So Easy To Do

I’ll be the first to admit that ever since I can remember, my go-to summer hairstyle has either been a ponytail or a bun—all wrapped up using a hair tie.

But we’re not children or teenagers anymore, and in case you didn’t know, there’s a world of other summertime hairstyles that are anything but boring or hard to do.

You can mix and match them with your outfits so you can have fun all summer long.

Some summer hairdos can even cut your styling routine in half as they air dry beautifully.

And the best hair accessory to pair with your summer hairstyle? No, it’s not a silk hair scrunchie (although those are good, too, as they won’t damage your hair), it’s The Halo!

Created for and by people with thin hair, our halo hair extensions will give your summer hairstyle the perfect amount of volume and length.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, you can find your next hairstyle in summer here.

1. French Bob

Start your summer on a chic note by getting a French bob. It’s the ideal length when you’re out and about under the hot sun—it sits right above your neck, so it’s free to breathe and feel the wind. Phew!

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2. Twisted Braid

There’s no need to sacrifice your hair’s length in summer; you can just simply braid it. Unlike a regular braid, a twisted one is easier and quicker to do.

Just divide your hair into two sections and as the name suggests, twist them together.

Tie the whole thing with a cute clip or scrunchie, and you’ve got a simple and easy hairstyle.

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3. Summer Bandana

A bandana is the perfect bright summer accessory. It not only keeps your hair in place, it also protects your scalp from the sun. Yes, you can get a sunburn there, too!

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4. Stick Straight Blunt Bob

If you’ve ever thought of getting a haircut, summer is the perfect time to change up your look. A blunt bob like this will look great at the beach, at a bonfire, or even at the office.

Plus, think about how much hair product you’ll save when you have hair this short!

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5. Flower Claw Clip

Nothing says summer quite like a tropical flower hair clip! Use it whenever the weather becomes unbearable and you’ll still look stylish.

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6. Grown Up Pigtails

We’re pulling a hairstyle from the past because, thanks to Hailey Bieber, they’re cool again.

In order to “adult-ify” this classic ‘do, skip the colourful hair ties and stick to those that are similar to your own natural shade.

Waving out the pigtails will make them look beachier and like you’re ready to have fun under the sun.

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7. Low Twisted Buns

If high pigtails aren’t your thing, then these low twisted buns might be. They’re more understated, yet still look chic.

Wear it with a tube or halter top and you’ll be ready to conquer the warm days ahead.

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8. Slicked Back

Who knew slicked back hair could work in summer? It’s not only great for summer but it can work as your new go-to simple office hairstyle.

You’ll just need a fine tooth comb and some gel to keep your strands looking wet and in place.

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9. Beachy Hair

Nothing says a summer hairstyle like loose waves and coils. If your hair texture isn’t naturally wavy or curly, you can cop the look by braiding sections of your hair and leaving them overnight.

Or, if you need beachy hair on the fly, spritz some sea salt spray—the best friend of thin hair!

It lifts your hair from root to end while preserving your hairstyle.

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10. ‘90s Blowout

In case you didn’t know: short haired girlies can get a ‘90s blowout, too! Use a round brush and a blowdryer, or a curling iron, to create all that volume.

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11. Butterfly Clip Fun

Attending a party or music festival this summer? Don’t forget to pack your butterfly clips! They add instant colour, function, and style in less than 5 minutes.

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12. Tight Top Knot 

While you may know this as the slick back bun or “clean girl hairstyle,” we call it one of the best summer hairstyles ever.

Incredibly easy to do as long as your hair’s long enough, and if you have face-framing bangs, you can easily turn it into a romantic date hairstyle.

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13. Half Up Hairstyle

We do love our face-lifting hairstyles in summer. A half up look is the perfect in-between of a ponytail and letting your hair down.

Play it up with different kinds of summer hair accessories and take your look from day to night in just a few seconds.

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14. Baby Braids

You might be wondering, why braid your hair at all if it’ll just be this small? But, baby braids serve up an instant cool factor that you won’t get if you just let your hair fall naturally.

Make sure you place them near your forehead so they look like natural hair accessories!

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15. Ribbon Braids

Take your braided half up hairstyle up a notch by actually braiding a ribbon into the hair. It’s best you use a brightly coloured ribbon to make sure it stands out against your mane.

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16. Sabrina Carpenter Hair

Everyone loves Sabrina Carpenter’s hairstyle, and who wouldn’t? They look good on almost all face shapes, especially diamond faces, and make even fine hair look thicker.

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17. Sunset Hair

Looking to change up your hair colour in the summer? Go for either a warm brown or auburn hue, just like the beautiful sunsets you’ll see each summer day.

Whether you colour your hair at home or at the salon, don’t forget to nourish it with a hydrating hair mask.

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18. Crown Of Pins

Placing gold or silver hair pins all over the front area of your hair is a gorgeous formal summer hairstyle you can wear to weddings or office events.

They’ll not only keep your strands in place but will actually look like a pretty crown.

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19. Curtain Bangs

If you want to transform your long hair into a summer hairstyle that’ll look good in all your pictures, ask your hairstylist at the salon to give you face-framing curtain bangs.

Your forehead will still be able to “breathe” as the hair won’t lay on it completely. Don’t forget to use a round brush to blow them out for extra volume.

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20. Early Aughts Bob

Bob’s are summer’s best friend, for a multitude of reasons. They make you look ultra chic without sacrificing your comfort while in hot weather.

If a blunt or French bob isn’t your taste, maybe Gigi Hadid’s version will convince you to get a haircut.

It’s lightly waved and flipped at the end for the ultimate laidback summer hairstyle.

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21. Long Pixie

Ready to make a drastic change? This is the summer hairstyle that’ll get you all the compliments.

Instead of getting an actual pixie cut that’s ultra short, this version has layers and a little bit of length, letting it shape your face beautifully.

The best part? With this cut, you can still wear our Halos with it!

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22. Thick Headband

Thick headbands are back! It’s the perfect way to embellish your mane if you just want to keep wearing it down.

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23. Scarf-Wrapped Ponytail

Add extra colour, style, and movement to your low ponytail by wrapping a scarf around it. Even better if it’s a silk scarf so it won’t damage your strands.

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24. Pretty Ringlets

These curls, whether natural or achieved by a hot hair tool, will add instant freshness and life to your summer outfit. If you want it to match your outfit, match the clips with your top!

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25. Ghost Layered Hair

Ghost layers, which are strands created using a slicing method instead of cutting them, is the perfect hairstyle for thin hair.

The subtle layers are perfectly blended with each other to create the illusion of volume and texture.

Want more hairstyle ideas? Check these out:

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