5 Best Hair Roller Clips for Long-Lasting Curls

Is there anything more frustrating than spending ages curling your hair, only to have those luscious curls drop out within hours? I hear you! I, too, was once in that boat, even looked up if perms are that bad for hair just to give my locks the volume and bounce I craved.

But trust me, there’s a solution, and I’m here to share the golden key to unlocking those dreamy curls with hair roller clips. Dive into this guide and soon, you’ll be the proud owner of curls that not only look fabulous but also last.

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Basics of Hair Roller Clips: Know Your Tool

Before diving deep into our top picks, it’s crucial to familiarise ourselves with the basic concept behind hair roller clips. Hair roller clips are tools designed to help create heated or heatless curls, and they come in various styles and sizes to fit different hair types and desired outcomes.

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Why Roller Clips Over Other Hair Tools?

  • Gentle on the Hair: Unlike other heat tools, many hair roller clips allow you to achieve beautiful curls without excessive heat, ensuring minimal hair breakage.
  • Versatility: From tight ringlets to loose waves, these little wonders offer a range of styles.
  • Long-Lasting: When used correctly, the curls from hair roller clips can last significantly longer than those from other styling methods.
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Choosing the Right Roller: It’s All in the Details

Hair Rollers for Long Hair with Clips

For those with Rapunzel-like tresses, finding the right roller pins for hair can seem daunting. But fret not! Opt for rollers that come with clips, like the Remington PROluxe Heated Hair Rollers. They not only keep your hair in place but ensure every strand is curled to perfection.

Material Matters: Velcro vs. Metal

The construction material of your roller can make a huge difference:

Velcro Hair Roller Clips: They’re great for quick curling sessions. Their grippy nature ensures they stay in place without the need for pins. However, be cautious, as they can sometimes cause tangling in fine hair.

Metal Hair Roller Clips: A tad more traditional but effective nonetheless. They heat up quickly, ensuring faster results.

Size and Type of Curls

Want a natural wavy hairstyle or trending hairstyles reminiscent of the 80s? Then, understanding the size of the hair roller clips curlers you need is pivotal. A general rule of thumb:

Large Rollers: Loose waves, perfect for a lazy day look or an easy updo hairstyle.

Medium Rollers: Classic curls, think Christmas party hairstyle or face framing highlights.

Small Rollers: Tight ringlets for when you want to channel your inner Shirley Temple.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Perfect Curls Using Hair Roller Clips

1. Prepare Your Hair: Start with clean, damp hair. Consider applying a pre-wash hair treatment to ensure your hair is in prime condition. I can’t stress enough how beneficial niacinamide for hair or a dab of avocado hair oil can be. They don’t just moisturise, but also protect from potential damage.

2. Section and Roll: Divide your hair into manageable sections. Grab your roller, start at the end of a section, and roll upwards. Secure using hair clips for velcro rollers or whichever type you’re using.

3. Wait or Heat: If you’re using heated rollers, let them cool down before removing. If you’re going the heatless route, you might want to wait a few hours or, even better, sleep on it. A silk pillowcase can be a saviour here!

4. Unroll and Style: Gently unroll, and voila! You’ve got curls! Add a dash of hair texture spray for added volume. To transform thin hair into a voluminous mane, consider adding quality hair extensions or trying out a messy bun or boho braids.

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Top 5 Hair Roller Clips: My Personal Favourites

1. Choyu – Hair Roller Clip

Dreaming of those K-pop-style see-through bangs? Or perhaps you’re aiming to curl short hair for a chic look? Choyu’s roller clips are the answer. Not only are they heat-resistant, but their design guarantees a strong grip, ensuring that your hair breakage concerns become a thing of the past. 

2. Kitsch Professional Hair Clips for Styling

Whether you’re trying to get natural waves, crafting curly ponytail hairstyles, or managing regular cutting and colouring tasks, these clips have got your back. Their unmatched versatility prioritises your hair’s health and helps avoid hair breakage, ensuring you can style with ease and keep your hair sections firmly in place.

3. Tbestmax 24 Hot Roller Clips

Aiming for uniform curls that mesmerise? Look no further. With their secure grip, these clips promise no unsightly marks. Ideal for both hot and cold rollers, these clips adapt to various sizes, making them perfect for those who love to experiment with different styles.

4. AIMIKE Neon Hair Clips

Let’s infuse some colour into your hairstyling regimen! Beyond their vibrant appearance, these neon clips carry an uplifting post-pandemic message. The neon hues not only elevate your styling sessions, but also work wonders for your dressing table and cheeky GRWM flat lays.

5. TSEROFAY Perfect Hair Clips

Multitasking has a new name in the world of hair styling: TSEROFAY. From re-twisting locks to creating a classic 80’s hairstyle, these clips have a myriad of uses. Their generous quantity ensures you’re never short of clips, be it for a quick fix at work or a complete style transformation for a night out.

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Storing and Maintaining Your Roller Clips

Proper care and storage of your rollers will ensure they last longer and remain effective. Here are some quick tips:

  • Cleaning: Periodically, give your rollers a gentle wash with mild shampoo, especially if you frequently use hair products before rolling.
  • Storage: Keep them in a cool, dry place. Many roller sets come with their own storage bags or cases.
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Maintaining Hair Health with Roller Clips

1. The Right Way to Use Roller Clips

Begin with the basics: understanding how to use clip rollers properly. Incorrect usage can lead to unnecessary stress on the hair shaft.

2. Keep That Radiant Brown From Fading

Consider investing in a colour-preserving shampoo or conditioner to keep brown hair from fading. These products contain special ingredients designed to lock in the dye and keep your colour vibrant for longer.

3. Strengthen with Serums

Hairstyling, especially frequent sessions, can sometimes lead to hair thinning or breakage. Introducing a hair loss serum into your routine can work wonders.

4. Colour Your Hair, but Wisely

If you’re considering a fresh new shade post-styling, remember to colour your hair using ammonia-free dyes or natural henna treatments. These alternatives are much gentler on the hair, ensuring your locks don’t get stripped of their natural oils.

5. Embrace Timeless Hairstyles

Roller clips aren’t just for those glamorous curls. Why not take a leaf out of the retro style guide and recreate some hairstyles of the 80s? Do the half updo with voluminous curls at the crown can be both nostalgic and chic.

6. Switch Up Your Tools

While hair roller clips are wonderful, don’t shy away from exploring other styling tools. Wireless hair curlers can be an excellent addition to your arsenal. They offer flexibility, are easy to use, and are perfect for those touch-ups on-the-go.

7. Invest in Quality Tools

Last but not least, always ensure you’re using the best hair styling tools available within your budget. Cheap, low-quality tools might seem like a bargain, but they can cause irreparable damage in the long run.

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Dive into the World of Hairstyles

Alright, there you have it, a comprehensive guide to diving into the world of hair roller clips. My suggestion? Don’t stop here.

Delve deeper into the world of hairstyling. Maybe try a wireless hair curler or learn how hair extensions work. There’s so much out there.

The key? Experiment and practise with confidence. Soon, you’ll be flaunting hairstyles that not only suit your haircut for face shape but also make heads turn.

Here’s to perfect curls and newfound hair styling confidence!

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