5 Slick Back Bun Styles for Every Occasion

So, you’re looking for some fresh inspiration for your next event?

We’ve all had that moment where we stand in front of the mirror and just can’t figure out how to jazz up our tresses, right?

Whether you’ve been trying to nail the perfect slicked back bun for a work event, or you’re seeking that elusive sleek bun vibe for your best mate’s brunch party, I’ve got you covered.

Today, I’ll walk you through creating five show-stopping slick back bun styles. Promise, by the end of this read, you’ll be a pro!

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The Polished, Classic Slick Back Bun


  • Hair tie
  • Hairpins
  • Niacinamide serum (for that extra shine!)
  • A good type of hairbrush


  1. Start with clean, dry hair. For some added glow, apply a few drops of niacinamide serum.
  2. Brush your hair to ensure it’s tangle-free.
  3. Pull it all back into a tight ponytail.
  4. Twist the ponytail and wrap it around its base, creating a sleek low bun.
  5. Secure with hairpins.

Curly Hair Variation: Use a curl refresher to enhance those natural curls and a bit of argan oil to moisturise before styling.



Trendy Slick Back Half Updo Bun



  1. Prep your hair with a sprinkle of dry shampoo, focusing on the roots for some volume.
  2. Add delicate waves to your flowing hair with wireless curlers.
  3. Pull the rest of the hair into a slick back updo and secure.
  4. Finish by dabbing some sweet almond oil for a glossy look.

Tip: This slick back half updo bun works fabulously with curtain bangs!



Sophisticated Low Sleek Bun with Extended Sides



  1. Apply vitamin E oil throughout your locks for nourishment.
  2. Part hair from ear to ear, securing the top section away for now.
  3. Take the bottom section and create a sleek low bun, letting some strands hang loose on the sides.
  4. Release the top section and playfully twist and pin sections around the bun.
  5. A spritz of hair texture spray will give the style a chic finish.

High Double Space Buns in Fulani Braids


  • Hair ties
  • Argan oil
  • Curl refresher (if you have curly hair)


  1. Section the hair into two parts, from the top of one ear to the other.
  2. Start braiding each section into Fulani braids.
  3. As you reach the crown of your head with each braid, twist the remaining hair into curly space buns.
  4. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, no worries! Just twist and pin into bun shapes.

Bonus: Consider incorporating quality hair extensions for added volume if needed. Halo extensions work wonders and are even better than clip-ins for a seamless blend.

Messy Sleek Bun with Blunt Bangs



  1. After ensuring your scalp is in tip-top shape with some natural treatments, part a thick section for your blunt bangs.
  2. Tease the rest of your hair gently for a voluminous effect.
  3. Pull into a messy sleek bun at the back, allowing some tendrils to escape for an effortlessly cool look.
  4. Style the bangs straight across your forehead.

Trend Alert: This look is reminiscent of the iconic Selena Gomez hair moments. Channel that energy!

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Styling Tips Across the Board

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the nitty-gritty of hair care, shall we?

With all the hairstyles and trends that we’re trying out, it’s essential to keep our tresses healthy and robust.

After all, even the best slicked hair bun won’t look its best on damaged hair.

Hydrate Those Curls

For the beauties rocking a slick back bun curly hair style, hydration is key. Curly hair naturally tends to be on the drier side.

To combat this, whip up a leave-in conditioner DIY. Fancy adding a touch of luxury to your routine? Mix in a few drops of apricot kernel oil.

This natural gem is not just moisturising but is also packed with nutrients that can revitalise and strengthen your hair.

And hey, if you’re ever pondering about how to do a good slick back bun with those curls, starting with well-moisturised hair is the answer!

Balancing Act

Dealing with an oily scalp or sebum overproduction? It’s a common woe, but there’s a fix. Prioritise integrating hypoallergenic shampoos into your routine.

These shampoos are gentle and designed to clean without stripping your hair and scalp of their natural oils.

They’re especially beneficial if you’re looking to rock that slicked low bun without the unwanted greasiness.

Va-Va-Volume and Length

If you’ve ever wondered how hair extensions work, now’s the perfect time to dive in. Hair extensions can be a game-changer, giving you both added volume and length.

And while there are several options in the market, the halo kind truly stands out. Why, you ask? Well, it’s better than clip-ins, easier to manage, and blends effortlessly.

Plus, I have to say, from personal experience—halo is the best. Especially when you’re looking to enhance that sleek bun or slick bun look.

Night-time TLC

I cannot stress this enough – protect that lovely hair while you snooze. Swap out your regular pillowcase for a silk pillowcase.

Not only does it feel like an absolute dream (pun intended), but it also reduces friction, which means lesser breakage and split ends.

If you’re investing time in understanding how to do slicked back bun styles, you should equally invest in maintaining hair health during your beauty sleep.

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Ready to Show Off Your New Slick Back Bun Look?

Whether you’re headed to a festival, flaunting some festival hair, or simply want to glow up for a casual outing, these slick back bun styles have got you covered.

And if you’re in the mood for some Halloween hairstyles or even rocking those mermaid braids, don’t forget the foundations you’ve learned here.

Now, it’s your turn! Try these styles out and don’t forget to share your masterpieces on social media.

Who knows, you might just inspire someone else with your new-found slick bun prowess!

And while you’re at it, dive into some other hairstyle and hair care content. Believe me, there’s a world of beauty waiting for you!

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