8 Viral Makeup & Skincare Products Derms Love at Walmart

When it comes to mascaras, Gatt loves this pick from Maybelline. And so do thousands of reviewers, like this one: “I have tried cheap, I have tried extremely expensive, and in my 45 years of wearing makeup, (I’m 61) this is without a doubt the absolute, hands down, BEST MASCARA AVAILABLE.”

It’s “created with microfibers which builds your natural lashes making them appear fuller and longer,” Gatt explains. “I also love how long lasting this mascara is. You can go all day and all night so this is a great pick for a red carpet event or wedding.”

Since the brush is made with 10 layers of bristles in a curved design, the formula not only coats every lash, but also helps curl lashes upwards without having to reach for a metal squeeze curler.

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