A Letter to Kelly Rowland: “I Stood My Ground” During the Cannes Festival In France

Written by Trisha Bolden

Dear Kelendria ‘Kelly’ Rowland,

We wanted to take a moment to express our admiration and appreciation for you. Throughout the years, you have achieved so much and we couldn’t be prouder. Your determination and resilience have made you a true victor, and your refusal to be silenced is a testament to your strength and integrity.

You possess a unique combination of capabilities and beauty. Women like you are rare gems, with your humility, gracefulness, strength, resolve, and love shining brightly and inspiring those around you.

Your power is undeniable, and yet, you also radiate a beauty that is both captivating and necessary in this world. You deserve love and respect from all energies that come your way. We want you to know that you are deeply loved and appreciated.


Keep shining, Kelly. Your voice and presence are needed, and we stand by you every step of the way.

With love and admiration,

The Hype Hair Family

Photo Credit: Kelly Rowland

In a world where Black women are often subjected to ridicule, demonization, scrutiny, and, it is unfortunate that we are not always given the respect we deserve in spaces that were not quite designed for us. However, when powerful women of color like yourself enter a room, you have the ability to silence everyone with your presence alone. Some may react defensively, intimidated by your light, grace, style, aura, smile, and the fire that ignites when you speak, for your words hold immense power.

To all black women, you are inspirational, intelligent, smart, gracious, noble and loved. “Stand Your Ground”

IMG 0740
Photo Credit: Kelly Rowland

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