Are Kyle, Amanda Divorcing From Summer House? Are They Still Together?

Another cheating rumor in the mill? We all know that Kyle Cook and Amanda Batula‘s relationship has got to be one of the most complicated in Bravo’s Summer House—but are they divorcing?

Kyle and Amanda’s rocky relationship has been highlighted in both Bravo shows: Summer House and Winter House. Things were on the edge when Kyle admitted that he cheated in 2018. However, the couple cleared things up and married in 2021 in front of their co-stars. Recently, things are even more under the microscope. Amanda admitted that they are taking a little time apart. “I think that we were at a place where I would be frustrated about something happening on my end, and he would take it very personally,” she told Us Weekly in April 2024. “Or he’d complain about something that I approved, and I made a decision on, and I would take it personally. So it wasn’t great for our relationship.”

Divorce rumors started to recently circulate when DeuxMoi posted an anonymous tip that Kyle was allegedly cheating on Amanda. “This Bravo entrepreneur turned DJ was seen getting extra close with someone who wasn’t his partner during a night out following an event for his company,” the email read. “Is another break up in the cards this Summer? Maybe she has a reason to not want him out on the town until 4am.” Fans also noticed that Amanda didn’t accompany Kyle in Italy for former costar Andrea Denver‘s wedding, leading to more questions than answers.

Are Kyle & Amanda still together after Summer House?

A source close to the couple dispelled the rumors that the two are separated and are heading towards a divorce. Kyle and Amanda are “very much together,” they told Us Weekly.

“While Amanda was sadly not able to make it to Andrea’s wedding, they have another destination wedding in Italy this summer and they’re looking forward to spending time away together,” the source said. “It’s killing Kyle that he can’t be with her right now as these rumors circulate.”

Kyle and Amanda were entangled with another DeuxMoi divorce rumor in 2023. “As we all witness the fallout from the mess that is Scandoval, a Bravo couple on the opposite coast will soon find themselves in a very similar mess. He will be exposed for another ‘mistake.’ Will she be able to forgive and forget this one?” the blind item read, referring to Kyle’s time on Peacock’s The Traitors.

That time, Amanda took the time to react to the rumors. “I laughed at it and I thought the timing was very convenient it, like, came out given what was going on at the time on the show,” she said on Watch What Happens Live, with the timing corresponding with the “Loverboy work stuff” that put them on hot water on season 7. Kyle also scoffed at the timing, “It’s like you sleep on that tea for eight months and then you send it into DeuxMoi? Come on.”

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