Armani Luminous Silk Bronzer + Prisma Glass

Armani launched a few new items this spring including a new Luminous Silk Creamy Bronzing Powder ($58) and Prisma Glass High Shine Lip Gloss ($38). They’re beautiful additions to the Armani Beauty lineup and I have swatches and a review today.

Luminous Silk Creamy Bronzing Powder

Armani Luminous Silk Bronzer 100 and 110

The Luminous Silk Creamy Bronzing Powder is currently available in 4 shades and comes in a large mirrored compact. I love the large size of these and the formula is really nice. It’s described as “ultra creamy” but to me it feels more like a silky soft smooth powder with any creamy feel to it.

These have a luminous glow to them with noticeable shimmer particles. On the skin they don’t appear shimmery though, it’s more of a subtle glow on the skin.

I picked Shade 100 and 110 since I wear their Luminous Silk Foundation in 6.5 (recommendation for Medium to Tan skin 5.5 to 8). I like Shade 100 best on me right now. 110 is a little too dark and pulls a little reddish on me. Overall I really like the texture, undertone, finish and how they blend. I give these a solid A+.

Below Armani Bronzers vs Gucci Beauty Bronzing Powder, Hourglass and YSL All Hours

Armani Luminous Silk Bronzer 100 and 110 vs Gucci, Hourglass and YSL

Below Shade 100

Armani Luminous Silk Creamy Bronzing Powder 100


Below Shade 110


Prisma Glass High Shine Lip Gloss

Armani Prisma Glass High Shine Lip Gloss

Armani also launched a new gloss formula called the Prisma Glass High Shine Lip Gloss. There are 6 shades plus a clear option. They’re a smooth non-sticky kind of gloss with a super high shine and sheer pigment. You can layer it for the color to show up without it being too thick but overall pigment level is pretty sheer. You also have to do some serious wand pumping to get product onto the applicator. I would have loved it if the colors showed up better, but I really love the color and finish.

They do have a subtle plumping effect on my lips. It’s not a full tingle or numbing effect but it does feel like your lips become fuller after a few minutes.

Overall, very pretty and I get tons of compliments with this gloss, but it’s a bit high maintenance in the application, pretty spendy for the amount you get and the applicator doesn’t pick up enough product on its own.

There is a soft pearlescent quality to some of the shades I tried but on the lips it’s really not noticeable.

  • 03 Honey Gleam is a pretty nude honey orange
  • 02 Candy Halo is a warm fresh pink
  • 05 Berry Beam is a cooler-toned rose pink (almost lilac)
  • 04 Cherry Glaze is a bright but very sheer cherry red

Armani Prisma Glass High Shine Lip Gloss

Armani Prisma Glass High Shine Lip Gloss

Overall some really nice fresh makeup launches I think are very wearable and pretty for a polished but still natural look. For a smooth gloss I still think the Pat McGrath LUST Gloss and Dior Addict Lip Maximizers are better for formula + pigment, but I am still really enjoying the new glosses from Armani.

You can find the Luminous Silk Bronzers exclusively at Nordstrom for now.

In action on Instagram here.

Prisma Glass is more widely available at Nordstrom, Sephora and Selfridges.

Prisma Glass applications in action here.



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