Bath and Body Works Tops in at Spot 11 for Top 100 Beauty Companies of 2023

Bath and Body Works may have had a little stumble during the pandemic but fans continue to buy with the company topping the 100 Beauty Companies of 2023 at spot number 11. With an estimated 4.57 million dollars in sales. But the real tea is the fact that Bath and Body Works is debuting new product launches daily. As you may know the recently ventured in the laundry department with new laundry detergents and fragrance boosters and later this year they’ll be diving deeper into this category with a line of fabric softeners. They’ve also began targeting men with a new grooming, hair care, and fragrance collection as well as marketing featuring men. Not to mention they introduced their first ever collaboration this Spring with the Bath and Body Works x Bridgerton Collection!

There has been a shift in demand for certain products with popular items like candles, hand sanitizers, and hand sops being the most popular during the pandemic and body care becoming more in demand at the moment.

I’ve personally reigned in my Bath and Body Works spending. I have too many candles and as tempting as it is to purchase more I really want to use up what I have. Likewise, for fragrance mist, body lotions, etc…! There comes a point in your life where you really don’t need yet another fragrance mist or candle. Sometimes you have to be adult and say no. Also, it helps a lot that Bath and Body Works is very fond of releasing repetitive fragrances in new packaging. The new packaging makes it tempting but one sniff and you realize, “hey, I’ve smelled this somewhere before!”

How can they entice me back?

Honestly, when Bath and Body Works does it right they REALLY do it right. They’ve introduced a few products and scents over the years that have really stuck with me! One thing I’d love to see them do is get back to gourmands. Sometimes it feels like the only people buying are floral lovers. They do so love introducing florals or fruity florals and I’m just not into them all that much. If they started doing some gourmands I’d be a goner! Bye bye money! We don’t get nearly enough gourmand scents from Bath and Body Works! I’d really love to see something along the Temptations Collection re-introduced or maybe do a focus on certain notes from time to time like vanilla! I’d kill for a cake-like vanilla collection! It just feels like they are missing out by not introducing more dessert-like fragrance especially now when gourmand is so hot in the fragrance world.

What would you like to see Bath and Body Works do? How can they get your money?

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