Bodycology Sunkissed Lemon 2-in-1 Body Wash & Bubble Bath Review

I have a feeling even Media would approve of Bodycology Sunkissed Lemon 2-in-1 Body Wash & Bubble Bath, I know I do! I went to the evil empire several days ago and I picked up the new Sunkissed Lemon Body Wash and I’ve been happily using it daily since! I still emotionally distressed that the Bodycology Sun Kissed Lemons Sugar Scrub, Bodycology Fragrance Body Mist, and Body Cream were all opened and gross because I’d have loved to had gotten those too. People of the beauty world can we stop drugstore products and makeup? It’s gross and some of us want to buy an unused body cream that hasn’t been squeezed within an each of it’s shelf life. Thanks ever so much!

So, if you have under five bucks ($4.97 to be exact) this lovely little body wash can be yours! I absolutely love this one and think it’s a great little Summer Body Wash! It’s not too tart, not too sugary, it’s a lovely unisex lemon scent. It actually has notes of lemon and amber. If you want something more gourmand I’d highly recommend Bath and Body Works Lemon Pound Cake but if you want something a touch warmer and a bit more masculine you’ll adore Bodycology Sunkissed Lemon 2-in-1 Body Wash & Bubble Bath!

I thought this was going to be some sort of sugary lemon scent or perhaps a lemonade one. But nope, it smells like lemons yes, but a little warmer. It isn’t a dupe but quite similar to Bath and Body Works Limoncello! If you loved that, you’ll love this!

As always Bodycology gives us a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy a good shower! I’d recommend snagging their new Sunkissed Lemon Collection! If you love lemons you’ll love this scent!

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