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Winter, with its enchanting frostiness, also ushers in challenges for our skin and hair. The dry air and chilly winds strip away moisture, leaving us with dry, itchy skin and lackluster locks. In this comprehensive guide, let’s delve into the common pitfalls of winter skincare routine and winter hair care routine, shedding light on the common mistakes we make and providing detailed solutions for a thriving beauty routine in these colder months.

Understanding Winter’s Impact on Skin and Hair:

Know the science? Let’s discuss it first, as per the basic science, air or moisture always moves from the higher to lower region. Since, in winters the air in our surrounding is drier than our skin therefore, the moisture from our skin gets stripped away leaving behind dryness making winter skin care routine a tough task. And that’s how the dropping temperatures and devious winds team up to suck the life out of our skin, leaving it parched and itchy. Meanwhile, our hair is fighting a battle against frizz, split ends, and an insatiable itchiness thanks to the winter dry spell. With this understanding, let’s explore some of the common mistakes in our beauty routines and winter haircare routine and how to address them effectively to ace the beautiful you even in the frostiest of times.

Skin Mistakes to Avoid in Winters

1. Hot Water Havoc: Mistake: Long, hot showers are a tempting winter indulgence? Aren’t they?  But guess what?  They wreak havoc on the skin by stripping away its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation.

Solution: Opt for shorter, lukewarm showers – your skin will thank you. And why not pamper it with a moisturizing body wash? The hydrating power is real and a must have in your winter skincare routine.

Consider incorporating a moisturizing body wash, rich in hydrating ingredients to replenish that lost moisture.

You can use TNW Cranberry Cream Body Wash, that is enriched with nature’s goodness in the form of Cranberry extract and Mulberry extract to name a few. It not only helps reduce the dryness of the skin by moisturizing it but also helps in calming the skin from any sort of irritation, making winter skincare routine a pleasant drive!

hair care routine in winter


2. Skipping on SPFMistake: Sunscreen in winter? That’s a thing? Absolutely! The winter sun can still play tricks on your skin. This common misconception that sunscreen is only necessary in summer can lead to sun damaged skin that you are only going to regret later. Sorry, but the fact is fact!

Solution: Apply that sunscreen, even when it’s chilly as Sunscreen should be a year-round essential. opt for a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 and spread the love on your face, neck, and hands. Say loudly to yourself sunscreen is a must in winter skincare routine.

Best SPF Creams in winter

We recommend using TNW Sun Protection Body Lotion that protects the skin from harmful UV rays and simultaneously nourishes the skin. The presence of Hyaluronic Acid in the body lotion makes it hydrating and nourishing while keeping it non-sticky and non-greasy for a easy-peasy winter skincare routine. You can also try TNW Sun Stick for its travel friendly packaging that makes sun protection a hassle-free game!

3. Ignoring Lip Care: Mistake: Lips are the unsung heroes that suffer silently. Ignoring them leads to those dreaded winter cracks. Again, that same science of transfer of moisture from high to low region does the trick of stripping your lips of moisture and making it dry, demanding a specific winter lip care routine.

Solution: Prioritize lip care by using a nourishing lip balm regularly. Choose products with ingredients like shea butter, or coconut oil for maximum hydration. Don’t forget a gentle lip scrub to bid adieu to dead skin cells on your lips.

We recommend using TNW Herbal Beetroot Lip Balm that treats damaged lips to keep them protected and beautifully soft or you can even opt for TNW Tinted Lip Balm for adding a subtle dose of tint to your lips while also making them soft and supple.

While for removing the dead skin cells from your lips, try TNW Lip Scrub that gently yet effectively exfoliates the dead skin and uncover brighter, smoother, and supple lips making it the perfect lip scrub in your winter lip care routine.


winter care tips

4. Exfoliation is a bliss: In winter, when the skin is prone to dryness, dead skin cells can accumulate and mix with natural oils, leading to congestion. Exfoliation helps prevent this, reducing the risk of breakouts. It removes the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface, allowing moisturizers and other skincare products to penetrate more effectively. This is essential for winter skin care routine to quench the extra hydration needs of your skin.

While for fulfilling your exfoliation needs you can take a bath of TNW Charcoal soap that unclogs the pores by drawing out toxins and impurities or also you can use TNW Vitamin C Exfoliating Face Wash that acts as a gentle exfoliator by removing dead skin cells and minimizing the appearance of open pores.

winter care routine


Hair Mistakes to Avoid in Winters

1. Over washing Woes: Mistake: Frequent washing can strip the scalp of its natural oils, leading to dryness, dandruff, and an itchy scalp, making the need for a specific winter hair care routine.

Solution: opt for a sulphate-free, hydrating shampoo and reduce washing frequency. Introduce a moisturizing conditioner to keep both the hair and scalp hydrated.

winter hair care routine

Explore TNW Hair care Arsenal for winter!

Banana Shampoo: Seals moisture in hair strands and results in making them frizz-free, split-end free, soft, and manageable.

Tea Tree Shampoo: It adequately helps to get rid of dandruff and flaky monsters that tend to cause much embarrassment when fall on the shoulders. Also, it adds strength to each strand and promotes hair growth.

Banana Conditioner:  It provides deep conditioning to your hair strands and nourishes your dull, dry, and damaged hair.

Virgin Coconut Oil: It nourishes hair strands and help in regulating the blood circulation within your scalp. A massage with this coconut oil on weekends is what you will definitely love.

2. Skipping the regular trims: Mistake: Postponing haircuts during winter can result in split ends and lackluster locks.

Solution: Schedule regular trims to eliminate damaged ends and promote healthy hair growth. A trim every 8-12 weeks can make a significant difference in maintaining hair health.


hair care routine in winter

3. Excessive Heat Styling: Mistake: Overuse of heated styling tools amplifies dryness, causing frizz and breakage.

Solution: Embrace natural hairstyles whenever possible. When using styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray or serum to minimize damage. Limit heat styling to special occasions to maintain hair health.


winter curly hair products

General Tips:

1. Hydration is Key: Winter air tends to be dry, both outdoors and indoors. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and use a humidifier in your living space to add moisture to the air.

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: Invest in a high-quality, hydrating moisturizer for both face and body. Look for natural ingredients-based moisturizers to lock in moisture.

Use TNW Avocado Moisturizing Body Lotion that nourishes the dried-out skin and seals moisture to prevent the skin from further drying. Also, it effectively softens rough elbows and heels, removing dullness, preventing dead flakes on the skin, and rejuvenating the underlying tissues making it a thoroughly nourishing and skin-revitalizing body lotion.

Use TNW Hand and Foot Cream that gentle nourishes the skin to cure dry & chapped skin. Also rejuvenates dry skin by making it soft, supple, and hydrated.


Winter care routine


3. Balanced Diet: Incorporate foods rich in vitamins (A, C, E) and antioxidants. These nutrients promote skin health and combat winter dryness from within.


 As we navigate the winter wonderland, our skincare routine and hair care routine need extra care and attention. By steering clear of these common mistakes and adopting a comprehensive winter skincare routine, you can ensure your skin stays radiant, and with well balanced and avoiding the above said mistakes in your hair care routine make your hair stay  healthy throughout the colder months. Armed with these tips, embrace winter confidently, radiating resilience and beauty. Winter beauty is not a challenge but a journey, and with the right care, you can glow through it all. Strut into the winter wonderland with confidence, radiance, and a touch of sass. Winter beauty isn’t a challenge; it’s your time to shine. So, glow on with the beauty that’s hot as ever!

 Winter Skincare routine


Q: Why is winter harsh on the skin and hair?
Winter’s low humidity and cold temperatures can strip the skin and hair of moisture, leading to dryness and irritation.

Q: How does hot water affect the skin during winter?
Hot water can strip away natural oils from the skin, exacerbating dryness. Lukewarm water is gentler and helps retain moisture.

Q: Is sunscreen necessary in winter?
Absolutely. The sun’s UV rays are present year-round, and sunscreen protects the skin from damage, even on cloudy days.

Q: What are the best ingredients in a moisturizing body wash for winter?Look for hydrating ingredients like glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter to lock in moisture.

Q: How often should I wash my hair in winter?
Reduce washing frequency to prevent stripping the scalp’s natural oils. 2-3 times a week is usually sufficient.

Q: Why is trimming hair essential during winter?
Regular trims help eliminate split ends, preventing further damage and promoting healthier hair growth.

Q: Can I use heat styling tools in winter?
Yes, but use them sparingly. Apply a heat protectant and opt for natural hairstyles whenever possible.

Q: What is the significance of SPF in winter?
Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV rays that can cause sunburn and premature aging, regardless of the season.

Q: Why do lips get chapped in winter?
Lips lack oil glands, making them prone to dryness. Cold winds and low humidity further contribute to chapping.

Q: Can I still get sunburned in winter?
Yes, the sun’s rays can cause sunburn even in winter. Sunscreen is essential for year-round protection.

Q: Can over washing cause an itchy scalp in winter?
Yes, over washing can strip the scalp of its natural oils, leading to dryness and itchiness.

Q: Are natural hairstyles more beneficial in winter?
Yes, embracing natural hairstyles reduces the need for heat styling, preserving the hair’s moisture.

Q: How does a hydrating moisturizer work differently in winter?
In winter, a hydrating moisturizer helps combat dryness by providing essential moisture and preventing water loss from the skin.

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