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Have you noticed a change in the appearance of your skin lately? Does it feel dry and tight? Is it lacking its usual vitality? If you’re feeling these winter woes, there’s a very good reason; when temperatures plummet, so does humidity, stripping away up to 25% of our skin’s moisture. Between the cold weather outside and the dehydrating central heating inside, our skin can become unhappy and unbalanced. Check out our top tips for how to treat dry and dehydrated winter skin. 

Intensely Hydrate With Rainforest Dew

Water is the single most important element for all aspects of life, including skin. So, when yours is lacking its usual vigour, chances are a hit of healthy hydration is all it needs to bounce back. 

Cue our bestselling Rainforest Dew. Infused with multi-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid for deep daily hydration, this freshly made blend of lush botanical extracts and reparative plant peptides has been independently clinically tested and shown to increase skin hydration by a staggering 111% in just two hours.

Discover Your Ultimate Skin Re-Leaf

The cold can trigger redness and rosacea, but for those with easily reactive, sensitive skin, all hope is not lost! Indulge in gentle yet fortifying formulations that bolster your skin barrier, like our Skin Re-Leaf Soothing Moisturiser. Reducing redness by 22%, this lightweight, restorative cream harnesses the incredible regenerative properties of the Madagascan leaf of life plant, known to calm inflammation, fight against free radicals and strengthen the skin matrix. 

Facial Oil: Your Defensive Barrier

Braving the cold doesn’t have to be a battle when you’re equipped with a (not so) secret weapon: facial oil. A skincare staple all season long, it provides an extra layer of much-needed moisture and prevents dryness. 

Investing in an oil rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, like our cold-pressed and nutrient-dense Super Greens, will help protect against environmental aggressors. In an independent clinical study, transepidermal water loss was reduced by 34%. 

Pro Tip: Mix Super Greens with either Rainforest Dew or Skin Re-Leaf to supercharge their soothing properties and give your skin the boost it needs in fewer steps!

Share the Love With Lip Fudge

Lips tend to be the first part of the body to show the effects of cold weather. Think about it: the skin on your face is around sixteen layers thick, whereas the skin on your lips is only around three to five. So, while we shower our skin in lots of TLC this wintertime, don’t forget to extend the love to other areas too. Harnessing conditioning açaí sterols, protective wild mango wax and reparative vitamins C and D, Lip Fudge will keep your pout plush and plump all winter long.

Pro Tip: After applying to your lips, massage the remaining product into your nails and cuticles to treat them to the same intense nourishment!


Goodbye Guesswork

Our mission is to make skincare and beauty as accessible as possible, but every person’s skin is different, so finding the right routine and products that work for you can be confusing. That’s why we’ve created a bespoke beauty tool to help you unlock your glow this season and beyond: take our intelligent Skincare Routine Finder quiz and curate your dream routine. 

Share how you’re switching up your skincare this season on social media by using the hashtag #LoveTropic. Let’s make happy, healthy skin a priority this winter!



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