Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter Review & Swatches

The reviews are out and they aren’t great but my Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter review is going five-stars because I love these. As you know, Fenty Beauty released three, limited-edition shades of a new blush formula called Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter for Summer 2024. The blushes are a hybrid formula that works as a blush and highlighter all-in-wonder. I absolutely love blusher highlighter formulas like this and wish that more brands would do them. I instantly purchased all three Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighters the day they dropped and as soon as I got them it was love at first sight. They are just as beautiful in person as they are in promo pictures!

If you hate shimmer, sparkle, or glitter this is not the post for you but if you love it, well, come on it and let’s chat these!

Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter is along the veins of the recently launched Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Luminous Powder Blush and quite reminds of Melt Cosmetics Genesis Digital Dust Highlighter. The formulas aren’t dupes but they do offer the same blindingly beautiful glow on cheeks. I don’t really love applying highlighter. I’m not really a fan of it. I just don’t love layering powder on top of powder as I have drier skin and too many layers ends up looking rather bad. Also, a lot of highlighter look frosty on me. I like some but I prefer a blush that has the ability to give me color and a glow. And as I said above I wish more brands would do them as they look so damn pretty.

Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter Swatches (Fresh Peach, Bak’d Peach, and Juicy Peach

I got all three shades of this beautiful blush and regret nothing. I could have waited for a sale to roll around which I’m sure we’ll see towards the of Summer but I couldn’t wait and really wanted these for Summer. These are 0.16 oz in size and $26 each. They arrive in a hard plastic compact with a nicely sized mirror inside. I think the price isn’t too bad at all. Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush are the same price and a little smaller at 0.1 oz. Fenty is lacking a powder blush so Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter is a welcome addition to their collection but sadly, as it is limited-edition I question whether they’ll do more shades in the future. I’ll keep hope alive though as if they do I’ll be buying.

I would recommend these to someone with fairly smooth skin as I do think they might look bad on textured skin. It’s just that type of glowy, heavy formula that might emphasize textured skin. I’m drier and formulas like this can adhere to drier areas but my skin is smooth and as long as I prep well the application and finish is looks flawless. But I do have to be careful because if my skin is being freaky dry I’d probably avoid using them as they’ll cling to dry areas and look awful.

The texture does have a velour-like feel. It has a slurry-like consistency that resembles a creamy velvet but applies as a powder. A lot of reviews are saying that it’s difficult to pick color up with a brush but I had no such issues. I even had to tap off the excess as I did manage to pick up tons of color. They aren’t powdery and do have a very silky, smooth texture that applies and blends easily. You can expect a lot of shimmer and glow from these so start very sheer and build as you go! I get about eight hours of beautiful color and glow from these blushes!

Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter in Bak’d Peach

Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter in Fresh Peach

Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter in Juicy Peach

It’s been a really long time since I’ve considered purchasing backups of anything but I have to say I’m very tempted to buy a backup set of these before they disappear as they are limited-edition. I absolutely loved Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter. A beautiful glow, pigmented, and they applied and blended so easily onto my cheeks. These will be in my Summer blush rotation for sure!

I’m Muse Approving these. Did you try them?

Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter are available now!

Where to buy

Sephora Ulta

Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter is a new highlighter blush hybrid that gives cheeks a gorgeous burst of beautiful glowing color. These are available for a limited time in three shade selections for $26 each and they are 0.15 oz each. The blushes have a slurry-like consistency that resembles a creamy velvet but applies as a silky powder. They are super pigmented, have a beautiful glowing finish (with a bit of shimmer), and wear for eight hours. They apply easily and blend out just as lovely however, you want to make sure you prep well if using on drier skin as they do cling to drier areas and may not cooperate well with textured skin due to all that shimmer and glow.


  • Beautiful shades.
  • Gorgeous glow and color all-in-one formula.
  • Pigmented
  • Apply and blend easily.
  • Wear long.


  • Potentially clings and looks cakey on drier or textured skin (prep well for best application).

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