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Indians are obsessed with bollywood, and what comes to our mind when we think of bollywood? Georgette sarees, mogambo boots, and ofcourse! Actress’ iconic hair flip! Be it Kajol in DDLJ, or Alia in RARKPK, we are absolutely fond of those thick, luscious locks!
Hair is an essential part to complete any look, you may be wearing the best of the designer clothes, and putting on the best of the makeup, but if your hair is not in place, your entire look is disrupted. However mainstream it may sound, it is important to keep your hair healthy and aligned.

Haircare is a fundamental and most important aspect of self care routine. How our hair looks, may significantly impact the overall look, and ultimately our confidence. However, many of us are battling common hair concerns such as Hairfall and Dandruff, which can be distressing and draining. Hence, let us understand the root cause of these problems and explore the natural solutions by TNW-The Natural Wash.

Lets Understand Hairfall

Hairfall, hair breakage, or excessive hair loss is a prevalent, and most common concern affecting both men and women. While various factors, such as Genetics, diet, work, lifestyle, hormonal changes, contribute to this, harsh hair care routine or practices are one of the key culprits that lead to a weak hair shaft, and ultimately loss and breakage.

Market is full of chemical filled products, that contain sulphates and parabens, do more harm than good. TNW resolves to keep a distance from these ingredients, and provides a natural solution for everyday concerns. TNW offers a range of products, curated to combat hair fall and breakage.

In order to treat hair fall, it is important to bring strength to roots and hair shaft so it resists breakage and loss.

1. Onion Hair Oil

This hair oil from TNW is rich in Onion extracts. Onion, known to be rich in sulphur, which aids in improving blood circulation to the scalp, nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, and ultimately reduces hair fall. This hair oil has a unique comb applicator that ensures even distribution of product throughout the scalp, while inducing massage. Regular use of this oil strengthens hair shaft and promotes hair growth.

2. Amla Bhringraj Hair Mask

Amla Bhjangraj Hair mask for Longer hair

Infused with the herbal powers of Bhringraj, this hair mask nourishes the scalp, fortifies hair strands, and helps counter the hair fall. A thick, nourishing blend that gives you an ultimate TLC with a spa-like feeling at home, this hair mask does it all for you.

Understanding Dandruff

Dandruff is the most annoying, and unwelcome guest, that turns your whole scalp into an itchy, flaky, dry battle ground. It is usually rooted in the factors such as dry/dehydrated hair, harsh hair products, or even fungal infections, dandruff often stays and persists as an irritant.
TNW’s natural solutions offer a gentle and effective way to bid farewell to dandruff so you do not shy away from wearing black!

1. Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Tnw Tea tree Anti dandruff shampoo

TNW’s Tea Tree Shampoo is infused with antimicrobial and astringent power of Tea Tree Oil and calming, antibacterial properties of Neem. This shampoo clears up the scalp, reduces dandruff and resists it from coming back, and provides a relief from itching.

2. Neem and Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Harnessing the potent power of Neem, Tea Tree and Ginger Oil, this hair oil targets dandruff at its roots, soothes and nourishes the scalp and gives a long term relief. Just like Onion Hair Oil, this Anti Dandruff Hair Oil is also equipped with a comb applicator for even and targeted distribution of the product.

You can buy TNW’s Neem and Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Hair Oil here:

Curating Your Hair Care Routine

It is important to involve suitable products to your hair care routine in an orderly manner to reap their full benefits and address both the concerns: Hairfall and Dandruff. While we are all up and aware about 7-Step and 12-Step Skincare routines, rarely do we talk about steps of Hair Care routine. Hence, here is TNW’s 5-Step guide to incorporating TNW’s products into your regimen, while addressing both the concerns.

Step 1: Pre Cleanse

Treat your scalp and hair with the goodness of Onion Hair Oil before you cleanse your hair. Gently massage it in, massage with the comb applicator, allowing it to seep in the roots. For maximum efficacy and best results, it is advisable to leave it overnight.

Step 2: Cleansing
Clean your hair thoroughly using TNW’s Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo. This shampoo purifies the scalp, effectively lifts up hair oil residues, washes off the dandruff, ultimately providing a healthy and clean environment for hair growth.

Step 3 – Conditioning
Treat your tresses with a nourishing experience of TNW’s Amla Bhringraj Hair Mask. Apply it on the scalp, length, and hair ends and allow the magic to unfold. RInse thoroughly after 5 – 7 minutes. To amplify your experience, you can also do a hot towel treatment. Find more about how can you make it a spa like experience in this blog:

Step 4 – Scalp Care
Give your scalp the attention it deserves with TNW’s Neem and Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Hair Oil. Gently massage it to your scalp, this thin, light weight oil seeps quickly into the scalp, without weighing your hair down. Leave it on for maximum effect. You may choose to wash it post 4 – 5 hours.

Step 5 – Post Care
After cleansing, pamper your scalp with the soothing embrace of Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera gently hydrates the scalp, and helps reduce itchiness and dandruff. You can also use TNW’s Aloe Vera Body Gel to style your hair.

You can buy TNW’s Aloe Vera Body Gel Here:

Aloe Vera body gel

Maintaining Hair Wellness…

In the world of synthetic solutions, TNW – The Natural Wash took the initiative and trusted the healing power of nature. By understanding the root cause of hairfall and dandruff, you can make changes to your lifestyle, diet patterns, and ofcourse an embracing hair care routine! You can include nourishing fruits, nuts to your diet, or stop tying your hair very tight, you can take charge of your hair’s health.

With each carefully selected product, TNW – The Natural Wash invites you to embark a journey to a shiny hair, and healthy scalp, because beauty begins from the roots.

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