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With our Clear Skies and Clear Slate powder cleansers available to level up your daily routine, it’s only right we talk about the virtues of a regular second cleanse. While each of our natural cleansers works wonders in its own right, when brought together, they work in perfect harmony to deliver even better results for your skin.

So, what is a second cleanse?

Originating from Korea, this ritual is seen as standard in your typical K-beauty skincare routine. It’s designed to fully cleanse the skin by removing makeup, oil and buildup while leaving it balanced and ready for product application to absorb effortlessly. Throwing an extra step into your daily routine may sound like extra hassle, but the truth is, it couldn’t be easier! And the results are worth it trust us! 

How does a second cleanse work?

For skin which is blemish-prone, oily or dull-looking, you’re sure to see a transformation occur when going in for a second cleanse. While your usual daily cleanse effectively melts away dirt, makeup and impurities, a second cleanse ensures any excess sebum is washed away, providing skin with the deep clean it’s been craving. If your first cleanse is the reliable lead performer who always delivers, round two is the supporting player who swoops in to steal the show and takes the whole production to the next level. 

The golden rule of second cleansing? Always start with an oil-based cleanser and follow with one which is water-activated. Contrary to what some may think about an oil-based cleanser potentially clogging the pores, it’s actually a great choice for all skin types, including oily and combination skins. This is because oil breaks down oil, resulting in sebum production becoming more controlled, dry skin being nourished and blemishes being soothed. Once makeup and impurities have been removed, a water-activated cleansing powder like Clear Skies or Clear Slate can be applied to penetrate much deeper, treating the skin to a more efficient cleanse. Our powders are formulated without any water content, but add a few drops of H2O and the enzymes that give them their purifying power will spring into complexion-clearing action!

How are our cleansers incorporated in a daily routine?

After laying the foundations for brighter, healthy-looking skin with Smoothing Cleanser, reach for the transformative Clear Skies. Suited to combination skin with excess oil, it becomes a baby blue-tinged emulsion that clears skin of spot-causing sebum, as the encapsulated plant enzymes within break down impurities hiding in pores. For those with very oily skin and extremely visible pores (often the case for men), Clear Slate is the way to go to show skin some extra TLC. With volcanic ash and bamboo charcoal to mop up and absorb oils, a smoother, more refined complexion awaits.

Whichever your choice of second cleanse, aim for indulgence – luxuriate in the product and take your time! To ensure that its active ingredients are given ample opportunity to really penetrate pores and break down the buildup of the day, you should spend at least a minute massaging your cleanser into skin.

So whether you want to tackle breakouts, target specific skin concerns or simply enjoy that good old squeaky clean feeling, your most radiant natural glow is just two cleanses away!

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