Hair Curler: Why your current curling wand may need an upgrade

She’s helped you get ready for work, school and night outs, seen your good days and your bad. She may have burned your once or twice but never meant it, and now it’s time to give her a break.

We’re talking about your hair curler. If you and your hair curler have been together longer than some of your relationships it may be time to upgrade.

There are ton of curling irons out there and for good reason – they help create different curls and looks. Whether you love loose, beachy waves or want to enhance your natural curls, having that one go-to styling tool you can trust with your hair is ideal, instead of cluttering your space with different curlers for different occasions.

The first electric hair curler was patented and introduced in 1959, before this, metal tongs (yes, tongs like cooking tongs) were heated and hair was wrapped around them.

Thankfully, we have come a very long way since then. Now, hair curlers come in different shapes (bubble or barrel), sizes, lengths, and different materials. These is a curler for any style you’re trying to achieve. Hair straighteners are also well-used to create waves and curls with the right technique.

Hair Curler Upgrade

If you’re unsure about whether you’re ready for your next hair curler, let’s look at the obvious reasons as to why you should upgrade.

Your hair needs may have changed. Have you noticed your hair drying out or breaking more? Perhaps styling at too high temperatures have damaged your hair. You may want to look for a tool with lower heat settings that can still get the curls done. On the flip side, your curler may not have consistent heat pay-off anymore, resulting in uneven curls and longer styling time.

You keep forgetting to switch off your hair curler. Is there any feeling worse than being out to dinner or at your office hoping you turned off your curler? The anxiety of trying to remember is enough to make your hair fry.

Your curler doesn’t work for your length. Maybe you bought a size that worked for an old hair cut or style, but you find styling with it now more challenging. Or perhaps you may have bought a shaped curler like a bubble wand, but find your styling techniques have evolved or your taste in curls have changed and now you need a barrel wand.

Hair Curler Upgrade

You’re sick of burning your fingers on the hair curler. We’ve all been there, even when you’re trying to be super careful it’s easy to burn your finger or hand with many traditional or old school hair curlers. Wondering if there’s a better way when it comes to heat styling? There is now.

You need a hair curler for your natural hair and your hair extensions. Many hair curlers have limited heat settings and some start way too high for natural hair, let alone hair extensions. Most curlers also come in a standard length that doesn’t always work for long hair – you need a hair curler that is safe and effective for both.

We are fans of big, luscious curls – it’s no secret.  We even have our own signature Luxy Waves and a full tutorial on how to achieve them. Creating a hair curler for all hair types was a natural fit, but we especially wanted to create a tool specifically for the type of hair we know best – hair extensions. The Luxy Hair Signature Curler might just be the curler upgrade you’re looking for.

Hair Curler Upgrade

The Luxy Hair Signature Curler is made with a 1” barrel, but what makes it unique from your typical 1” hair curlers is its length at 7.2” – nearly 2” longer than the average curling wand barrel length. It is the perfect wand to achieve our Signature Luxy Waves, and works especially well if you have longer hair, or hair extensions. The extended barrel will allow you to wrap your long hair evenly without having to overlap the strands.

The Luxy Hair Signature Curler is made of a tourmaline ceramic mixed coating, which evenly distributes heat. This specific material mix also helps to reduce hair breakage and damage, prevents frizz and helps to enhance shine. We created a wand truly with you in mind with a cool touch tip – no need to worry about accidentally burning your fingers. The curler also comes with a safety stand which allows the wand to rest on the table without having to touch the table or surface and a styling glove if you want that extra layer of protection.

Hair Curler Upgrade

Our favourite safety feature is the automatic shutoff. The Luxy Hair Signature curler has a 1-hour automatic shut-off safety feature, so you’ll never have to worry about whether you turned your curler off or not after you’ve left the house.

The curler also comes with 11 heat settings with one of the lower heat settings being 250°F (which is the recommended max heat setting to be used on our hair extensions) and goes up to 450°F which is great for girls with thick or coarse hair who need the extra heat to make curls stay.

Hair Curler Upgrade

Here’s a full breakdown of heat settings by hair types

You can safely style your curls without inflicting too much heat damage while still getting the curl or wave style you want. Always remember to apply heat protectant product!

Up to 250F: Heat setting for Luxy Hair and Remy human hair extensions

Up to 300F: Heat setting for fine, damaged and/or chemically treated hair. Remember to use hair masks and conditioning treatments to moisturize and strengthen hair, especially if you heat style often.

Up to 375F: Heat setting for thick to easy to curl hair

Up to 450F: Heat setting for very thick, coarse or hard to curl hair.

Hair styles and techniques have evolved so much over the years, especially with the aesthetic and information sharing available through social media, it’s only right that styling tools like hair curlers also get serious upgrades. We all want products we can do more with for less, it’s true for makeup, skincare, versatile clothing, it should be the same for our hair. Still need convincing it’s time to upgrade your hair curler?


Here’s a breakdown of the biggest differences between your typical old school hair curler and the newest hair curlers:

Old school curlers

 New Luxy Curler

Average 5” barrel length

Extended 7.2” barrel length

Single material coating, typically tourmaline OR ceramic.

Tourmaline Ceramic Mixed coating 


Ceramic material helps to evenly distribute heat to the hair which is great in creating an even curl or wave from root to tip.

Tourmaline curling irons emit negative ions which make it ideal for frizzy and dry hair. Tourmaline also gives the hair shine, so it also works great for curling dull hair.

Benefits of mixed coating: reduces hair breakage and damage, even heat distribution, prevents frizz, enhances shine, and emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions present in dry or damaged hair.

Clamp or clip to prevent having to hold hair while curling

Cool touch tip to prevent those pesky finger burns while styling

Limited heat settings

11 heat settings

Manual power button

1-hour automatic safety shut off


Want to know how to use the Luxy Hair Signature Curler? Here’s a quick tutorial for you

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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