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Funny dog videos, Home DIY’s and style inspo are some of the many reasons why we love TikTok. Whatever mood you’re in TikTok has a video for you to watch or learn from. HairTok is making its way through our feeds proving TikTok is for more than just laughing or crying – it can be educational and inspiring.

If you’re not familiar with #Hairtok, this trending hashtag is basically TikTok but all about hair! Searching under it brings you to a magical world full of heatless hair hacks and the best way to wash your hair for extra growth. These tips and tricks on TikTok have been showing people everywhere how to french braid, create easy up-do hairstyles and more. It’s easy to lose track of time scrolling through your feed especially when you’re learning how to get Ariana Grande’s slick ponytail hairstyle in less than 5 minutes.

If you’re new to TikTok for hair then we’ve got you covered rounding up some of the most viral HairTok videos that are currently trending on our feeds!

Claw clip

One of our absolute fav TikTok Hair hacks is how-to use the claw clip. Like true model off duty status, the claw clip 90s hair trend is taking over and we’re getting major Rachel from Friends vibes! Most models are wearing this effortless look for a night out or just to Netflix and chill! Without the stress of bunching your hair into the clip, this hack shows you how to properly gather your hair and twist it under for the easiest style.


Reply to @notdestinycaton one of the fastest and cutest ways to get your hair up and off your face 😍 #clawclip #hairtutorial #fypage #hair clip s

♬ Red Handed – Loud Luxury & Thutmose



Shiny hair hack

It’s not vitamins or a hair mask, but a conditioner hack. This video is taking over HairTok with 1.1 Million views already. @audreyvictoria_ shows TikTok how to wash your hair and follow a specific conditioning routine to get the shiniest hair possible. Two words: Cotton T-shirt.


💦hair washing hack that’ll give you super soft & shiny hair✨ #hairtok #hairhack #haircareroutine #haircare #hairtutorial

♬ original sound – Ian Asher

Rosemary tea hair rinse

In case you missed it, Rosemary tea hair rinse is the new rice water hack.This new hack is known to promote hair growth, cleanse your hair and scalp, and increase shine- overall making your hair stronger and healthier. This new hair trend is taking the internet by storm and we definitely agree it’s a must add to your hair care routine. It takes only two main ingredients and the benefits are amazing!



Oh and a plus is how great this makes your hair smell 💕💆‍♀️ #hairtreatment #healthyhair #hairtok #rosemaryhairgrowthoil #hairgrowth

♬ I Want You Back X Sorry – darcy 🦦

How to wash your hair

If you didn’t know there was actually a proper way to wash your hair, now you do. Think more like when you visit the salon, they gently massage your scalp while you fall asleep. Just kidding, sort of… the proper way to wash your hair while helping keep it healthy and promote growth is all in the technique. Gently massaging your scalp and only shampooing your scalp and roots is key, following up with cold water to rinse.


I was today years old 🤠 was this just me or ? #hairtok #hairwashing #whoknew #hairwashday #shampooproblems

♬ original sound – Luxy Hair

Face framing streaks

Trending on TikTok hair is face framing streaks and e-girl hairstyles. This trendy hair color has been spotted on celebs like Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, and Kylie Jenner and we love it. Girls everywhere are dying the two front pieces of their hair at home with a few supplies and a lot of patience. If you’re daring enough to try this viral trend, we salute you!

@lala.laurenn Hey guys watch me dye my hair! #fyp #foryou #egirl #hairdye #diy #egirlhair ♬ original sound – Lauren💕💕

How to use clip-in extensions

One TikTok we all need in our lives is how to properly install clip-in extensions. If you’re new to clip-ins it can be confusing to understand how to wear extensions properly without showing the clips. This video tells you which wefts to start with and how to properly section your hair for the best result!


How @cattbouvier puts her seamless set in! Wearing Bronde balayage in 16” 😻 #hairextensions #longhair #healthyhair #hairlength #quickhair #fasthair

♬ original sound – ALTÉGO

Fancy Ponytail hacks

Pinterest ponytails have remained mysteries for years now, beautiful twists and loops look impossible to achieve but have officially been debunked and added to HairTok. This TikTok shows us the easiest glam ponytail to elevate your look in less than 5 minutes. A simple twist and tuck gives a ponytail that can be worn at any event. There’s so many variations to do with our clip-in ponytail extensions, whether you’re looking for a half-up style or ponytail variations add this technique to your routine.


My 20sec go-to ponytail ft. @thicproducts & @luxyhair ✨ #hairtutorial #blackgirlmagic

♬ All The Way Up – Fat Joe & Remy Ma

90s blowout

The “IT girl” style of the year, the 90’s supermodel hair is never not in style. Women everywhere are using velcro hair rollers to achieve this classic and effortless look for everyday wear. Heatless hair hacks have also shown how to get the look, but the best results have been noticed after a blowout and rollers to set the volume. If you’re interested in how to get the look, watch one of our favorite TikToks on it. 



♬ original sound – CATHY NGUYEN

Braided bun

If you’re going to an upcoming wedding or special event and you can’t get to a salon for an updo TikTok hair has a million styles that are easily achievable with a little time and practice. If the ponytail style we shared isn’t for you, we love this wispy braided bun to add glamor and style to such a simple look. Start by styling your hair into a low simple bun, leaving the tail out, followed by braiding and wrapping. Our girl Cat shows you how-to below!


The braid you didn’t know you needed 😍 #weddingguesthairstyle #weddingguesthair #bunhairstyle #weddingseason #luxyhair

♬ Baby, I’m Jealous (feat. Doja Cat) – Bebe Rexha

Hair growth tips

One of TikTok hair’s most viral themes is hacks on how to get your hair to grow faster. If you feel like your hair growth is slower or gets stuck at a certain length these may be able to assist in promoting more growth. If you’re frustrated with your hair journey we suggest also trying some hair manifestation. Try starting every day by saying:

“The hair on my head is long, healthy, and grows quickly. It is growing and flourishing as I breathe.”

While you practice healthy manifestations try these extra tips to boost your hair growth!


when i tell you my confidence 📈 #hairtok #hairgrowth

♬ Celebrate the Good Times – Mason

Heatless curls

To achieve healthier and longer hair, heat should be avoided as much as possible to promote stronger strands and less damage. Our favourite reveals on TikTok hair have been heatless hairstyles. Whether you try braiding your hair for a crimped beachy look or tying your strands around a rope, these looks are getting the views. One of our fav transformations is @stephaniealexxandra heatless curls using her heatless curler with hair oil. Contrary to most heatless curl hacks, leave your hair dry for this one and sleep with it overnight!


Dream hair 💭 #hairtok #hair #hairtransformation #healthyhair #hairjourney #waveshair #heatlesscurlsovernight

♬ original sound – TheDJMJ

Hair oils

If you’re trying to add hair oil into your hair care routine, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not a one size fits all kind of addition. Depending on your hair type specific oils can help or actually do the opposite. This TikTok rounds up the best hair oils for your hair type and gives options for you to try.


Do you use oil on your hair? Now you have no excuse not to😏 #hairoil #haircare #hairtok #healthyhaid #longhair #fypシ #luxyhair

♬ You Right – Doja Cat & The Weeknd

Vitamins for extra hair growth

Hair masks, less heat and silk pillows all can help with the growth of your hair, but the number one way to aid in hair growth is still taking your vitamins. Hair vitamins are a key factor in the strength, length and shine of your hair and skin! Here are some vitamins that truly help with making your hair as healthy as can be!


The sun is shining & your hair needs to be too! Let’s start from the inside out. What vitamins do you swear by for that glow?! #fyp #hairvitamins

♬ You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift – Dylan Mark Murphy

The world of hair care is endless and this is only a small glimpse into the tips and tricks to try. TikTok hair is an amazing tool to utilize if you’re ever in a pinch for a hairstyle, don’t know how to treat your hair or just want more hair care ideas. If you’ve tried any of our TikTok hacks let us know by tagging luxy hair in your next video! For more hair care and styles follow our TikTok page!

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