How Do You Manifest Wealth & Happiness? Manifesting Wellness Trend

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Wellness trends can vary from getting out and being active in nature such as forest bathing  to being still and silent with meditation. Most of them are about your mental state of mind, but what if you could harness the power of your mind to actually change your life forever? That’s the idea of manifesting; that you can use the law of attraction to get everything you want. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Oprah and Lizzo credit their success to this positive approach – but can manifestation actually make a difference in your life? How do you manifest health, wealth and happiness? (And should you bother trying?)

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Vogue China

What Is Manifesting & How Do You Do It?

Manifesting and the power of positive thought has been part of the wellbeing and personal development scene ever since the hit book The Secret came out in 2006, but over the last few months, searches for manifestation techniques and tips have massively increased. To put it simply, manifesting is just about using the law of attraction to get what you want; using a positive mental attitude to start acting and thinking that you already have something until it actually turns up.

We’re not talking about magic here – you do actually have to put in some work. You can’t just think ‘I’m going to win the lottery’ and wait for the numbers to come in. It’s about setting clear goals, focusing on them, and believing they can happen. Ready to give it a go? Here’s a brief overview of how to do it.

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Vogue China

How To Manifest Your Goals

Set Your Goals

First you have to actually decide what it is that you’re manifesting and write it down. This should be as clear and descriptive as possible. If you want a new job, writing down ‘I want a new job’ isn’t a clear enough goal to work toward. Think about what job you want, the sector, the role, the company and so on. If your goals are to do with wealth, think about what ‘wealth’ means to you. Simply aiming for ‘money’ isn’t specific enough; are you aiming to own a home? What sort of home? Do you want a Chanel handbag? A holiday? Enough money to not have to live from paycheck to paycheck? Everyone’s measures will be different, and you should be clear on yours.


Whether it is writing down your goals or making a vision board, having a visual representation of your goals is important. Some people use a repetition method of ‘writing to the universe’ to manifest, by listing the thing they’re aiming for multiple times a day, but in essence it is about focusing your mind on what you want.


You can’t just sit back and wait for the universe to deliver. Now you have to start taking steps yourself toward your goal, safe in the knowledge that your positive mindset and focused target will aid your success.

Work On Your Gratitude

As you start seeing small successes on your journey to reaching your goals, remember to be thankful and make gratitude a part of the process. In fact, this mindset is key in the process of manifesting, because when you focus on the abundance in your life as a positive, you might realise that you’re closer to health, wealth and happiness already than you thought.

Good luck!

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