How To Get Newly Released Makeup At a Discount

Picture it. The latest lipgloss just launched, and everyone is going crazy. Your logical side reminds you that you already have hundreds of lipglosses. But your illogical side eggs you on to buy it. And you drop 24+ dollars on a new lipgloss before you can blink an eyelash. We’ve all been there. We all understand.

But let me show you how you can get newly released makeup at a discount (or even skincare and fragrance). Mind you, it won’t always work, and sometimes, you may even have to be patient, but you might be surprised when I tell you how to get that brand-new lipgloss at a steal.

How do you get newly released makeup at a discount? Two words. TikTok shop! Yeah, I know. That may sound incredibly controversial; others might even feel it’s a scam. I thought it was a scam when I first started seeing people on TikTok promoting Sol de Janeiro Mists at 50% off, but TikTok Shop is legit.

The first time I encountered a sales item, I was convinced it was a black-market version. After some research, I realized it was a legit item shipped directly from the brand. Keep in mind that I don’t think this whole sale thing is going to last. It’s just a way to entice people to use TikTok Shop, but for now, you can score some serious deals if you’re patient.

For example, Tarte launched Maracuja Juicy Plumping Lip Oil on May 8th. The weekend after the release, it was on sale at the TikTok shop for $16 with free shipping (the original retail was $26). Phlur is another brand that has exciting promotions from time to time. For example, they had nearly 50% off their fragrance mists at one point in May, and I was seriously kicking myself because I had just purchased Vanilla Skin not too long before that.

A wide variety of coupons circulate on the app with discounts from $5 off to 20% off your total as well. And most brand shops ship free! Granted, not everyone is on Tiktok, but if you are on Tiktok, you might want to check the shops before purchasing that new shiny makeup item or fragrance you have your eye on as the brand might have it on sale on their Tiktok Shop or at the very least they may offer free shipping which might not be an option on their website. Sometimes, you have practice patience to get the deal, but a good sale rolls around sooner or later. Also, before purchasing anything on a retail website, check the TikTok app to be sure a better deal isn’t available there.

I hope this little hack saves you some money!

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