I Feel Weird Admitting this Beauty Secret But I Need to Share It With Someone

So, I’m old. Or at least Tiktok continues to enforce and reinforce the fact I’m old because they keep serving me up these old commercial complications featuring toys, makeup, and even fast food from my youth. And I don’t know if I’m feeling nostalgic or downright weird, but I’m sort of obsessed with watching them! I’ve already confessed that I can spend hours watching old vintage makeup commercials on youTube. And now I’m equally obsessed with fast food ones, toy ones, etc…

You may or may not know this about, but I’m a huge fan of Donovan (He follows me on Twitter! Just throwing out my claim to fame for you! Also, I met him twice, and it was brilliant!). The man is a legend and a study of how great music can come from the recreational use of psychedelic drugs. I’m entirely joking; please don’t get offended. He references somewhat indirectly his LSD usage in his lyrics. You can’t run around creating songs like Yellow Mellow and not think they aren’t related to some trippy moment in your life. We all know it wasn’t meditation that had you feeling all yellow mellow. In all seriousness, I am a rather big fan of his music and I’m not quite old enough to remember the commercials but his music was featured in a lot of Love Commercials. Love’s Fresh Lemon and for example. I remember my sister used Love’s Baby Soft! A few years ago I tried to recreate that memory and purchased a bottle but it doesn’t smell AT ALL the way it did back then! Dana is still around and selling fragrances. Crazy world, right?

But anyway, I digress and I feel weird admitting this beauty secret to you but I recently saw one of those retro commercial reels on Tiktok and they featured this deodorant and wow, I forgot how much I loved it and now I miss it.

Teen Spirit. Teen Spirit Deodorant. What a blast from the beauty past! I don’t know how weird it is to say this, but I used it well into my twenties. It was awesome. Not only did it keep me dry but I loved the fruity scents. A glance at amazon.com shows that people are selling cases of it. I can’t promise I won’t attempt to buy it, but I will try it out and see if it’s as great as it once was! I mean, this could replace Secret Va Va Vanilla Deodorant for me!

Technically, Teen Spirit was around a few years ago. Walmart used to carry it as I recall but it’s disappeared off shelves a while back ago. Maybe a trip to the Dollar Store will reveal some hidden treasure trove of old Teen Spirit deo sticks.

Until we meet again, Teen Spirt Deodorant, you’ll be forever in my heart.

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