I Haven’t Purchased Morphe in Years But I Did Today

It’s been years since I’ve done a Morphe purchase! Remember those early youTube days when everyone and their mom was shilling Morphe like it was the next MAC Cosmetics? What a time to be alive. It’s been ages since I actually purchased anything from Morphe although, I admit to being tempted by the both the Ariel and Meredith collaborations!

But I guess the last known palette I purchased from the brand was probably the 35T Dope Taupe one. I still have it buried in the makeup graveyard with the rest of my massive eyeshadow palettes that don’t get as much love as they used to.

I’m not really tempted by Morphe lately but they did release a recent palette that caught my eye and I decided I’d go ahead and grab it today at ulta.com because 1. It’s only $20 bucks and 2. I used the $3.50 off coupon code to grab it at an even better discount (Use code 688450 to snag it for $16.50). I was buying other stuff so why not?

Which palette?

The Morphe Nude Ambition Artistry Palette was what grabbed my eye. I loved the Tati Textured Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette and I hit pan on a lot of the shades in that palette and this Nude Ambition Artistry Palette sort of reminded me of it. Do I need another nude palette? Not really but I’m having a treat myself kind of day over here due to work stress.

The palette contains 18 shimmer and matte shades. I personally love combining mattes and shimmers. I think the two textures work great together. Not to mention this is a very cohesive palette and the shades work well together. And I never thought I’d say this, but I do use mattes quite a lot lately and this isn’t dominated by tons of shimmer and contains more matte ones which is a plus. I also, love the fact it’s not a huge palette! Monster palettes can be nice but they can also be overwhelming! 18 shades is plenty for me to create a few work friendly looks or natural ones for a warm Summer day. Morphe’s formula is fairly consistent and I don’t doubt these will be pigmented, silky, easy to apply, and blend. For the price, I seems like a nice little pick up. I’ll review and swatch it when it arrives.

Has anyone tried the Morphe Nude Ambition Artistry Palette? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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