I Purchased a Perfume a 90 Day Fiancé Member Recommended

Before I start this review I should disclose I’m NOT a reality TV person and I find all reality TV rather annoying. There is ONE exception to the rule and that’s when PBS was running a variety of reality TV series like Manor House. Back in the very early 2000s PBS had their taken on series like Big Brother with shows like Manor House. They set up a people in a Manor House and divided them into Upstairs and Downstairs Classes. It followed these folks around as they tried to navigate life as it would have unfolded during the British Edwardian Era. It was pretty brilliant to watch. I remember one episode where the Lady of the House had to wash her hair with salad dressing. The show was educational and not dramatized for TV the way a lot of reality TV shows are. PBS did an entire series like this in different eras. I remember there was a Frontier one as well and a few others. They were really enjoyable to watch and a far cry from shows like 90 Day Fiancé.

Fast forward to the lockdown and I found myself watching 90 Day Fiancé and being fascinated by how gullible Yolando was. How she thought Williams had a British accent is beyond confusing to me and let’s not get into the blackmail scheme because she had sent him some nudes. But the real tea was that David’s girl Lana was REAL! I felt for sure he was being catfished. I have no idea why but I fell down a rabbit hole in 2020 watching this insanity unfold. Oddly, I haven’t watched the show since but my sister does and I do sort of know of the characters like the legendary Usman and Lisa (that song though….!) and of course, Angela and Michael!
There’s actually one other couple that comes to mind too who aren’t as dramatic and problematic as others.

Any guesses?

If you guessed Omar and Avery you guessed right. Avery’s become the ultimate shill for Arabian Perfumes on Tiktok and I don’t hate that for her because she has some really good recommendations. Not only that but she knows what she is talking about as she’s a huge fragrance lover and collector. It was a little tidbit of information I found out about her rather randomly and not from watching the show either. She was on my “For You” page one day and was discussing some perfume she loved and she described it so well I started watching her videos. Several weeks later I found myself following her. She’s the QVC of Tiktok when it comes to recommending perfumes but again, no hate, because as I said her recommendations are pretty good. A lot of the fragrances she features go viral pretty quickly as well and one of those fragrances is Paris Corner Emir Pear Potion. This has been out of stock since she featured it and I finally got my hands on a bottle after all the swooning and hype.

It’s currently a little expensive at $50 for 3.4 oz. But I find Arabic fragrances have an interesting way of going up and down in price depending on the demand. The sellers take advantage of viral moments any one scent is having and they mark bottles up as per how popular it is at that moment. I paid $35 for Pear Potion and I probably wouldn’t pay more for it than that as I wasn’t as in love with it as I had hoped. It’s very, very overhyped. Avery did make a rather big production of saying what a sweet beautiful pear it was but other Tiktokers took that and just spun it into, “THIS IS YOUR MUST HAVE SUMMER SCENT! YOU’LL DIE IF YOU DON’T BUY IT!” It’s not. It’s sort of a fun little fruity scent for Summer you might want to grab if you want something light for warm weather wear but no reason to run to get it. Pear had a little moment in the sun earlier this Spring and I thought it would become the next big fragrance note but the hype has died down. This isn’t really a pear fragrance to my nose.

It opens with a sweet pear and apple note but almost instantly it goes shampoo on me. The middle notes are Jasmine and Caramel with a base of raspberry and musk. I can smell the raspberry and I do think it dominates the fragrance as it settles onto the skin but it also smells like a fresh shampoo scent to me as it sets. It’s nice but not the sweet pear scent everyone was going on and on about and I find that disappointing. I’d say this is a nice refreshing slightly sweet fruity scent but nothing to write home about and not worth the price I paid for it. I’d recommend waiting for it to go down. Maybe to $20-$25 but I wouldn’t pay more than that. I haven’t yet tried layering it with anything else but perhaps it might pair up nicely with another fruity fragrance.

If you like fresher, fruiter, slightly sweet blends perhaps Pear Potion might be a pick up for you! As for me, I’m just over here killing the hype on this one for you! It’s nice but not groundbreaking and not worth the excitement it got across social media with fragrance influencers.

Have you smelled it? Do share your thoughts on it!

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