I Purchased Every Shade of Fenty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter And Have No Regrets

Am I going to wait for a sale to haul the Fenty Beauty Summer 2024 Collection? Hell no! I just purchased every single shade of Fenty Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighter and I have absolutely no regrets. And guess what? I THINK I might need backups of these shades. I thought the Kosas Blush is Life Baked Dimensional + Brightening Blush was brilliant but nope, Fenty came sliding in with these Beauty Hot Cheeks Velour Blushlighters. And these, these my friends are the blush of the Summer. Or at least I hope they’ll be!

The blushes are available in three shades for limited-edition and act as a blush and highlighter. They give cheeks a peachy-pink pop of color with a warm, golden shimmer finish. Sound familiar? Probably because Bareminerals Gen Nude Blonzer Blush + Bronzer did something along the same lines three years ago and recently released Complexion Rescue Liquid Blonzer Blush + Bronzer which is a liquid version of the original (hmmm will Fenty Beauty Summer 2025 bring us a liquid version too? Or is it too soon to think about that?).

So here’s the deal…I’d love to say hey, wait for a sale when it comes to hauling these. Why? Because Fenty is pretty legendary about releasing collections only to have them go into the sales bin after a few weeks ago. Long gone are the days limited edition collection sells out and are forever gone! That being said, I want to wear these for Summer and I’m not really wanting to wait to grab them. So, yeah, sure, they may go on sale at some point and who knows I might love them enough to want to grab backups when they do (lord knows I regret not purchasing backups of Melt Cosmetics Buzz Kill) but right now I splurge and got all three.

Listen to these shades and swoon with me:

  • Bak’D Peach (deep pink orange with pink and gold pearls)
  • Fresh Peach (midtone peach with gold pearl)
  • Juicy Peach (pink orange with gold pearl)

Along with the blushes they also, launched two new, limited edition shades of Glitty Lid Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner which is a longwear liquid shimmer eyeliner.


  • Boozy Bronze (bronze)
  • Ritzy Rose (rose gold)

And finally we are getting a new Gloss Bomb Oil Luminizing Lip Oil ‘N Gloss which is hybrid lip oil and gloss in three Summery shades:

  • Coppa Cookie (copper)
  • Fro$ted Bunz (amber gold)
  • $uperfine $uga (white gold)

What do you think of the Fenty Summer 2024 offerings?

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