I’ll Absolutely Buy All 3 Commodity Juice Perfumes

The Commodity Juice Fragrance Collection is on the way for Summer 2024 and all three of the scents in the collection will be a must have for me! I’m a massive fan of Milk Expressive and Milk Personal both of which are superbly blended. I have a feeling the Juice Perfumes are going to be as good. For a while there I thought Commodity was on their way out. All their fragrances got marked down to 50% off a few years ago and we didn’t hear from them much after that. But about a year or so ago they returned with new packaging and new fragrances and so far things have been pretty exciting over at Commodity and Summer 2024 looks like it’s going to be even more exciting with these new Juice Perfumes.

The three fragrances in this collection are Juice+ Bold Eau de Parfum, Juice Personal Eau de Parfum, and Juice Expressive Eau de Parfum. The scents go from light to bold while concentrating on a star note of raspberry. Raspberry is apparently the new it girl in the fruity fragrance world. The scents will be available in full-size bottles for $145 each or travel-sprays for $28 each.

Let’s start with the lightest of the three, Juice Personal. She’s also the only one that’s currently available at sephora.com in the travel-spray where as the other two are coming soon! This one contains notes of strawberry, rhubarb, and raspberry plump stirred together with Amberwood and fresh violet leaf.

“Juice- Personal is a more transparent, floral expression of fruit—closer to the skin and to the heart. It’s sheer and intimate, like a halo of fruity floral essence rather than a blast. Juice- is the little sibling who’s a bit quieter, but comfortable in their own skin.” –Nathalie Benareau.

Up next is Juice Expressive! Commodity Juice Expressive Eau de Parfum sounds like the juiciest blend of the three fragrances! This one has plenty of ripe strawberry, rhubarb, and raspberry pulp with a smooth amberwood base!

“I really wanted to redefine what a juicy scent is. Juice Expressive centers around succulent, vibrant fruits, but the ingredients I paired them with are what make this scent unique. It’s an explosive, colorful, unconventional twist on the juicy, fruity fragrance profile.” ­–Nathalie Benareau

And finally we have Commodity Juice+ Bold Eau de Parfum! This is the earthy, woodsy big sister with notes of Amberwood, raspberry Pulp, rhubarb, vetiver, and patchouli! They call the blend a “deep, dense marmalade”.

“In fragrance, we refer to the liquid that goes in a bottle as ‘juice.’ So to me, juice is the most powerful form of self-expression, and Juice+ Bold is an explosive, colorful take. If Expressive is the older sibling, Bold is the louder second sibling who always speaks their mind.” –Nathalie Benareau.

I can’t wait to smell these. Which one do you think you’ll love?

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