I’ll Leak E.L.F. Cosmetics Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 For You

E.L.F. Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 is on Instagram seeing if anyone has leaked this new lipgoss for Summer 2024. And hey, I’m volunteering for the job! The new E.L.F. Cosmetics Sun Boss Gloss is launching June 7th at elfcosmetics.com as well as on the E.L.F. Cosmetics app at 12PM EST and coming soon to ulta.com! Looks like they’ll be five bronzy shades available and the formula has an SPF 25. SPF in lipgloss is a rarity so they just may be onto something with this launch. The colors look very nice as well! Quite warm and rosy bronze! I could wear those. They might just pair up well with all these new bronzy, glowy liquid blushes launching lately like the Maybelline Sunblusher Liquid Blush. Although, I’m really not into the new E.L.F. Soft Glam Satin Foundation they just launched I can see myself buying everyone of these new Sun Boss Lipglosses! They look lovely and budget friendly at $7 each.

E.L.F. Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 will be available in the following shades:

  • That’s My Jam (Berry)
  • Pink-Me Girl (Pink Beige)
  • Peachy Kween (Soft Coral)
  • It’s Your Mauve (Neutral Mauve)
  • Blush Much? (Milky Pink)

But here’s the real tea about these new E.L.F. Cosmetics Sun Boss Gloss!

I was watching a podcast last week with a well known makeup artist and he mentioned dupes and one of the brands he mentioned was MCoBeauty (not by name but I know exactly who he meant when it mentioned Australia). MCoBeauty is an Australian Brand that has been making the rounds with their dupes of products from brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Drunk Elephant. I mean one look at products like MCoBeauty’s Highlight & Glow Beauty Wand, Soft Matte Beauty Wand, Flawless Glow Luminous Skin Filter and you get the picture.

He made some interesting points that dupes aren’t even dupes anymore but blatant copies of the original product and I think that’s what might be interesting about this new E.L.F. Sun Boss Gloss. It’s not a copy of anything! E.L.F. has been duping products for years and years now and it’s become more and more obvious with more recent releases like the Pout Clout Lip Plumping Pen, Camo Liquid Blush, Halo Glow Blush Beauty Wand, etc…!

Sun Boss Gloss might just be the first product that E.L.F. isn’t trying to dupe in quite a while and I’m here for it. An original makeup release from E.L.F.? Not to mention one with a formula that isn’t terribly common because really, I can count on one hand that amount of companies that offer a gloss with an SPF 25. Bravo E.L.F. looks like you’re headed in a new and exciting direction! I hope you keep it up!

E.L.F. Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 will be available soon! Will you be indulging in it?

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