I’m Not Buying These New Beauty Picks

I know a ton of people cut back on makeup and beauty during the pandemic but I wasn’t one of them. I found comfort in applying my makeup in the morning evening during lockdown and even though I scaled back on what I was wearing I still enjoy the ritual of applying it and look my best even if I didn’t have a zoom call or meeting that day. I realize that wasn’t what everyone else was doing but I found peace and comfort in my beauty routines.

That being said, I do think I came out of the pandemic being a bit more selective about what I do and don’t buy. I do a lot more research before I hit submit on new products not to mention I try to make sure I’m not buying something I already likely own a hundred times over. I also ask myself, “Do you need this or do you want this?” which sort of triggers me to not buy something spontaneously.

May was a pretty hard month to say no to makeup as a lot of new, beautiful products released and many of them ended up in my cart but here are a few new beauty picks I’m not buying.

E.L.F. Soft Glam Satin Foundation $8
E.L.F. released yet another foundation and this time around its a satin finish one. I realize everyone is going ape sh1t over E.L.F. lately but I’m simply not on that bandwagon. E.L.F. has some very good products but sometimes stuff is such a miss and in the case of foundation I don’t think I’ve met an E.L.F. one I loved. This new formula promises a medium coverage, satin finish with a “hydrating formula that contains a hibiscus Complex, plus pomegranate, blueberry and goji berry extracts. It’s eight bucks which is crazy good considering how E.L.F. has been creeping up higher and higher with their prices. But it holds very little appeal to me. It’s Summer and satin finish foundation is the furthest thing from my mind! I want something tinted, lightweight, and breathable. Satin sounds cloying for some reason. I’m skipping this one!

HomeWorx Summer 2024 Candles
With scents like Chocolate Waffle Cone, Cotton Candy, and Berry Snow Cone how can I resist new Homeworx Candles? But sadly, these are a skip for me. I used to be a MASSIVE Homeworx Candle fan girl but the last year has been rough. I’ve gotten their Fall, Halloween, Christmas, and Spring Collection and all the scents are so weak plus they tunnel horribly. I’m so so sad about this because they used to be so strong smelling. Harry is an absolute genius when it comes to candle making but at the moment, something is very off. I hope I’ll go back to them again soon but right now, the formulas are so disappointing! The Summer 2024 is a skip!

Good Molecules Vitamin C Serum with Oryzanol $14
My V C game is strong right now and I’ve found one I really love. But when Good Molecules releasing something new I’m always curious to have a go! That being said, like Homeworx, they’ve fallen victim of releasing really mediocre skincare lately and my last few purchases from them have been a bit meh. This new Vitamin C serum sounds interesting but the poor reviews are already in and I’m saving my $14. Skipping this one!

Farmacy Honey Vanilla Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm $36
Farmacy is still very much in my top five cleansing balms list but the novelty of new seasonal scents have worn off for me now. I love they do this but also, do I really need a new scent each season? Sometimes I’m not even done with the LE they released a few months ago before they are on to a new one. Their Honey Vanilla one sounds fun but I’m skipping as I have their Holiday 2024 scents to get through still! Plus, if I’m honest, the LE stuff sucks because if you love the scent you won’t be able to get it again!

Natasha Denona Golden Palette $69
I love a good Natasha Denona Palette moment but lord knows, I do not need this new Golden Palette. It’s such a repetitve round of shades we all have a thousand times over. This is a firm skip for me (hell, even if it goes on sale it’s probably a skip but don’t hold me to that!).

What beauty are you not buying this month?

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