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What does winter mean to you? Dry, cracked and irritated skin? Not anymore. These cold-weather saviours will leave your skin feeling sunny – whatever the temperature!

Whether you’re dreaming of warmer days or you relish the prospect of ice skating and chilly walks, fortifying your skin’s defences during the winter months is vital. So, we’re shining a spotlight on the ingredients you need in your cold-weather routine, as well as the best products for dry skin in winter. 

5 Essential Winter Skincare Ingredients

Rosehip Oil 

First of all, this golden oil looks like summer in a bottle, making it a perfect pick-me-up for when the sun sets just a few hours after lunchtime. It’s extracted from rosehip seeds, and comes packed full of omega oils to moisturise and soothe skin, and antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, to brighten and protect in equal measure. 

It’s also effective at soothing the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, two conditions the winter can play havoc with due to a more rapid change in temperature between inside and outside.

Most recommended: Elixir Radiance-Boosting Omega Oil

Anti-inflammatory rosehip oil and moisturising moringa oil combine in this iconic golden bottle.

Vitamin E 

This ingredient has been around in skincare for a long time, but there’s a reason it’s stood the test of time. If we’re being really technical, the term vitamin E actually refers to a group of oil-soluble antioxidants, but tocopherol is the variety you’re likely to see in skincare products. 

Cold air can leave our skin feeling irritated and dry, but vitamin E is a natural anti-inflammatory and works hard to soothe and calm our skin. Its antioxidant benefits are also even more of a necessity in winter, as cold air has been shown to lead to higher pollution levels

Vitamin E works to protect our skin from these increased pollution levels and free radicals – which scavenge electrons from atoms in our skin – by providing an extra electron and preventing damage. 

Most recommended: Tamanu Cream Sensitive Skin Saviour.

This nourishing cream treats sensitive skin with a host of natural ingredients (including vitamin E) to help speed up cellular repair, hydrate and reduce redness and inflammation. 

Aloe Vera 

This refreshing plant extract is one we often associate with summer, with its cooling properties making it an effective addition to aftersun and sun care products. However, its hydrating, antioxidant and soothing abilities have earned it a spot on our list of winter-proof ingredients as well. 

Nina Goad, British Association of Dermatologists, notes that “prolonged wet weather can strip the skin’s barrier function.” This can lead to greater transepidermal water loss, and so ingredients such as aloe vera that work to rehydrate the skin are essential in maintaining that oh-so-coveted bounce. 

Most recommended: Morning Mist Soothing Toning Essence

This refreshing infusion combines aloe vera juice with nutritious plant milks to shower your skin in a hydrating, antioxidant-rich cloud of calm.

Coconut Oil     

A rich source of fatty acids, coconut oil has occlusive benefits for our skin and traps moisture – something we need more of in cooler temperatures. 

‘Winter poses a special problem because humidity is low both outdoors and indoors, and the water content of the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin) tends to reflect the level of humidity around it.’

That’s why we often experience dryness or the ‘winter itch’ during long periods of cold temperatures. Coconut oil assists our epidermis by reducing transepidermal water loss to keep our skin nice and hydrated.  

Most recommended: Body Love Firming Buttercream

Blended with coconut oil, shea butter, and lemon essential oils, you won’t have to worry about dryness or dullness with this nourishing buttercream. 

Vitamin C 

Like vitamin E, vitamin C also has powerful antioxidant benefits. Aside from its ability to protect our skin from free radical and pollution damage, there are a fair few reasons why this ingredient has become a beauty buzzword and made its way onto our list of sub-zero heroes. 

Skin can look duller during the winter, caused by the dryness and moisture loss we’ve already talked about, but vitamin C has been proven to effectively brighten and even skin tone (Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology), so your skin keeps on glowing strong! 

Most recommended: Glow Berry Brightening Serum.

Bursting with super-brightening vitamin C to lift lacklustre complexions, and kangaroo paw flower extract to target visible signs of ageing, this game-changing serum provides unrivalled skin confidence with every drop!  

Keep Your Skincare Fresh This Winter

There you have it. With these must-use ingredients and winter skincare picks, you’ll be ready to rescue dry skin in a pinch. 

Want to learn more about these sub-zero heroes? Our ingredient glossary has everything you need to know about these natural, sustainably sourced powerhouses.

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