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Weekend calls for some pampering, and ‘facials’ are parlour’s last name. Every girl loves to get some touch up, at one point of another in her life, every girl must have got herself facial. From local parlour didi’s to fancy salons that burn a hole in your pocket, facials are available in various varieties for each skin concern. Facials are nothing, but a foolproof technique of adding nourishment and glow to the face. Perfect to be done before parties or weddings, facials are not just another parlour technique, it has significantly become a part of India’s beauty culture.

While there are various beauty innovations in the market, nothing can replace the feel and relaxation of parlour facials done by your local parlour didi. Most of us are busy working, and in this entire scenario, the face tends to look dull. And with this mid-life crisis and time crunch, one rarely gets time to visit parlours and spend 30 minutes of relaxation.

But What Do Facials Actually Do?

Regular hustle and bustle accumulates dirt, oil, and pollution in the deeper layers of the skin, and parlour facials gently remove that to unveil a brighter, firmer, toned skin. Lets know this step by step:

Steps to Apply TNW Papaya Facial Kit                       Steps Of Using Papaya Facial Kit

Facial starts with a clean face, and each step is as important. Hence a proper cleansing with a cleanser is extremely important. A cleanser gently cleans the face without over drying the skin. It is supposed to open up the pores for an effective facial routine ahead. It should have soothing and refreshing properties to enhance the overall experience. A good facial cleanser must have brightening and soothing ingredients.

Any facial is practically undone or incomplete without a proper scrubbing, and hence a scrubbing to exfoliate the skin is a non-negotiable step. A scrub is supposed to gently exfoliate the skin. It should be thick, creamy, with mild scrubbing particles dispensed in it. A good scrub nourishes the skin while exfoliating, to avoid any abrasion or micro tears.

Rehydrating and refreshing is the most important feel of the facial for anyone, and that’s how a toning gel comes into the picture. A toning Gel rehydrates and firms the skin for added sheen and glow. As the name suggests, it ‘tones’ up and tightens the skin for a firmer appearance.

100% women say that they opt for facial only for This particular step, massaging. And hence, a good massaging cream and massage is really important to relieve any muscle tension and to promote lymphatic drainage.
A massage cream is a blend of nourishing ingredients that glide smoothly on the face to relax and soothe the skin, muscles and elevates the experience.

The final step of a facial and the ultimate detox is the face pack, this particular step ensures that all the toxins and impurities, even in the deeper layers of the skin are squeezed out for maximum glow. A face pack is supposed to be applied in a thick layer and should be left for a generous 10 minutes on the face to treat the face. A good face pack must have skin brightening ingredients such as fruit acids.

How to apply TNW Papaya facial Kit

Which is the Best Ingredient for the Skin Facials?

While the market is flooded with all types of ‘advanced’ facials and ingredients, from gold peel offs to pearl and platinum layers, the Indian beauty market has all types of ‘gems’ and claims.
While the market is coming with new ingredients every day, TNW has decided to stay conventional to the roots and harness the power of traditional beauty ingredients and hence, TNW recently launched a Papaya Facial Kit for your needs!

Now no running to parlour for facials, this facial kit promises parlour like facial at home! While you end up paying around 1000 for a single sitting, this Papaya facial kit can last up to 3 facials! So glow bhi aur bachat bhi!

TNW’s Papaya Facial Kit is infused with skin loving ingredients such as Papaya, Turmeric and Orange peel that work together to de-tan and brighten your skin. Regular use of this facial kit will give you a brighter, even toned, firmer skin ahead!

Ingredient & Benefits of Papaya Facial Kit
Not with those pesky pouches in conventional facial kits, this papaya facial kit comes in cute, jar packaging that stays convenient, hygienic, easy to store, scoop and use.

You can buy TNW’s Papaya Facial Kit here: Click Here
Or on leading E Commerce platforms such as Nykaa, Purplle, Badhiya Offers and Amazon.

Papaya Facial Kit



Q1. Can People with Sensitive Skin Use This?

While TNW takes utmost care of formulating the products suitable for sensitive skin, we highly suggest you to do a patch test first. If you have sensitive skin, kindly skip the step that lead to sensitivity. If you have dry-sensitive skin, we suggest you shorten the duration of scrubbing.

Q2. How should I end my Routine Post Facial?
TNW’s Papaya Facial Kit ends on face pack, we suggest you to hydrate your skin using TNW’s Steam Distilled Rose Water, then top up a nourishing serum or cream such as TNW’s Vitamin C Serum and TNW’s Papaya and Peptide Night Cream to end your routine and lockin the nourishment.

Q3. How frequently shall I use this Papaya Facial Kit?
We recommend using this Papaya Facial Kit once a week. Don’t forget to apply SPF the morning after the facial to prevent your skin from getting any sunburns or tan.

Q4. How many times can I repurpose one pack of Papaya Facial Kit?
One pack of Papaya Facial Kit can be used up to 3 facials, unlike conventional pack of sachet and pouches, this facial kit comes in cute, jar packaging to prolong the life and usability of your facial kit.

Q5. What makes TNW Papaya Facial Kit different from those in the market?
While other facial kits are full of synthetic chemicals and toxins that do more harm than good, TNW’s Papaya Facial Kit is naturally derived from ingredients such as Turmeric , Papaya and Orange extracts. This facial kit is free from any toxic ingredients that may end up harming your skin. 

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