Kayali Vacay In a Bottle Summer 2024 Fragrances Arrive Soon

Well, Kayali Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar just launched a few short weeks ago, and we can expect four new Summer 2024 Fragrances very soon!  Kayali is already dropping hints on their Instagram account of the latest limited-edition Summer scents, which will be Ylang Coco 2000 Maldives in a Bottle, Sweet Banana 37 Maui in a Bottle, Orange Blossom 24 Marrakesh in a Bottle, and Lemon Sugar 14 Capri in a Bottle according to fragrancity on Instagram. They’ll be a set with all four, but I’m unsure if they’ll also release full-size bottles. I suspect we’ll see smaller ones but I could be wrong.

These sound amazing, but I can’t entirely trust Kayali lately as they market a fragrance heavily on specific notes, but that fragrance ends up smelling NOTHING like I’m imagining. Their marketing has burnt me too many times, and I have to be more careful when making my purchase. I mean, Sweet Banana? Sure, sign me up! I’d love a banana scent, but I know Kayali they’ll drop in patchouli and amber or some other notes that overpower the banana. I think Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar is an excellent example of that. Smells nothing like vanilla or rock candy to my nose.

Four scents is a rather large launch for Summer but Kayali is taking full advantage of their current viral status and striking while the iron is hot with all these new releases. They’ve launched several fragrances over the last few months. I imagine we’ll hear about another new scent for Fall 2024 as soon as mid-August. Maybe they’ll make all our gourmand wishes come true and do some sort of pumpkin or coffee fragrance. By bet is on coffee..!

Kayali Vacay In a Bottle Summer 2024 Fragrances are coming soon. I’ll keep you posted as more details are shared and when these launch, how much they’ll be, and what size bottle we can expect.

Are you excited about this launch?

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