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You’re probably familiar with curtain bangs, but have you heard of bottleneck bangs? They are the latest in bang styling and will be a popular style throughout 2022 and into 2023.

We’ll tell you what this hairstyle is, how it compares to curtain bangs, and how to style them. Keep reading to learn more about bottleneck bangs!

What Are Bottleneck Bangs?

Bottleneck bangs are similar to how they sound. They resemble the shape of the neck of a bottle. They start close together at the top and then swoop outward and down. 

Bottleneck bangs appear shaggy. They are long bangs, growing past your eyebrows and framing your face. They are an alternative to curtain bangs and have a 1970s flair. 

Bottleneck Bangs vs. Curtain Bangs

While bottleneck bangs and curtain bangs are similar, there are a few distinct differences between these cuts. Here is a comparison between the two styles:


  • Both are a long bang style.

  • Both have face-framing details.

  • Both grow out well.

  • Both are universally flattering for most face shapes.


  • Curtain bangs are all one length.

  • Bottleneck bangs are short in the middle and get longer on the sides.

  • Curtain bangs can look like short layers rather than bangs.

  • Bottleneck bangs are shaggy and appear more bang-like.

How to Cut Bottleneck Bangs

Do not skip going to the salon for these bangs. Attempting to cut these on your own may be risky as they require expert shaping. 

The cut involves cutting short pieces in the center with longer ones along the sides of the face. We recommend cutting with a middle part to see where your true center is for the shortest pieces. Make sure your stylist doesn’t cut the middle pieces too short, or it can look unflattering. 

Who Do Bottleneck Bangs Look Best On?

The great thing about bottleneck bangs is they are universally flattering. You can have long or short hair and still pull this look off. If you have short hair, try a bottleneck bob. 

Also, no matter your face shape, bottleneck bangs can be complimentary. If you have a round face shape, this cut will be flattering. The face-framing details can reduce the roundness and help make your face look more angular. 

If you have thin hair, bottleneck bangs are a way to thicken your hair appearance. The dynamic length of the bangs makes your crown look fuller, and the shaggy texture can make your hair appear thicker. Want to learn more about bang styles for thin hair? Read our post on what Bangs Look Best On Thin Hair

3 Bottleneck Bang Hairstyles

1. Bottleneck Bob

A bottleneck bob is a great way to style bottleneck bangs on shorter hair. First, cut your bottleneck bangs to the desired lengths. The longest part of the bangs will be your guide for the rest of your hair length. The result? A soft, shaggy bob.

    2. Voluminous Shag 

A voluminous shag is a great style for long hair. The key is a round brush and volumizing spray. Brush through your hair and use a spray to hold the shaggy shape. Then, use the spray on the crown of your head and give it a slight tease to make it look fuller. For even more fullness, use Viviscal Hair Thickening Serum. It’s the ultimate lightweight, body-boosting leave-in treatment for thicker-looking hair.

  3. Chic Ponytail

Try a low ponytail for a chic, French-looking hairstyle. Pull your hair back low, leaving your bottleneck bangs alone. Wrap your hair in a loose ponytail and keep your middle part. If desired, add a bow or ribbon to your ponytail.

– – – 

Are you ready to try bottleneck bangs? Tell us in the comments below!

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