My New Studio: Updates and Progress

Over the past several months, we’ve been renovating our new home. As the project continues, I can’t help but feel excitement over transformation taking shape. I’m particularly eager to tackle my studio space. It’s become my space for creativity and productivity, and I’m excited to curate it just right.

The Home Depot has been so reliable throughout our entire renovation, and it’s where I stumbled upon some beautiful pieces to start the studio design. First on my list was a large standing mirror. Austin actually found this and it exceeded all expectations. Priced at under $200, it’s the ideal size and I love the understated design. It’s hard to find a quality large mirror priced so well (trust me, I’ve looked).

Another piece we discovered at Home Depot was this charming console table. I knew this was the perfect piece when I saw the wood detailing on the doors. It’s giving vintage and I am here for it. I added these brass knobs and loved how it turned out.  It reminded me of a piece I stumbled upon at an antique mall recently.  Not only does it add a touch of charm to the space, but it’s functionality as office storage is a game-changer. I was able to use these linen storage bins, they fit perfectly, to give it some organization. I could also see this in an entry way or nursery.

While there are still a few final touches to be made before the big studio reveal, I’m already so happy with how things are looking. Stay tuned for further updates as our home renovation journey continues to unfold.



This post is written in collaboration with The Home Depot. All selections and opinions are my own.

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