My Shower Smells Like a Margarita and I Don’t Hate That

“Wasting away again in Margaritaville…” Or maybe I’m just wasting away in my shower because it currently smells like a margarita thanks to Native’s Key Lime and Sugar Body Wash and I can hang out here all day smelling delicious sugary limes. Well, The Native Girl Scout Collection was awesome but I don’t think it’ll carry me through Summer as the scents feel very Fall or Winter. But lime and sugar? Sign me up!

I’m not sure if Native Key Lime and Sugar Body Wash is new but it is new to me. I recently discovered this on a dreaded trip to the evil empire aka Walmart. I have NOT seen this at Target otherwise it surely would have been in my shower a long time ago. I don’t go to Walmart often but I found myself there recently when I decided I wanted one of those Bimini Bay Outfitters Pink Windbreakers and someone posted on Tiktok they were $54 in store. Totally scored it for that price too. But of course, I could leave without nosing around the beauty aisles.

Fast forward to a few walks up and down the bath and body aisle and about ten products in my cart later and I found Native Key Lime and Sugar Body Wash sitting all by itself on the shelf. It was the last one and I’m positive it’s grateful I took it home so it could become friends with my other body wash and not be left all by itself on a Walmart shelf.

This is delightful! Perfect for Summer showers! Tart, juicy lime with just the right bit of sugary sweetness! It’s like a sweet limeade or margarita scent! Now I just need a lemonade one and I can cocktail the two!

If you’re close to a Walmart head in and grab this one! You won’t regret it!

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