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At Tropic, we’re proud of the incredible diversity of those we nurture on their skincare journeys. With half of our community being women aged 45–55 — a time often coinciding with perimenopause, the precursor to menopause — it’s our duty and privilege to recognise and offer our support throughout this period of physical and mental change. 

Menopause marks the end of a person’s reproductive years, a natural transition that affects various aspects of the body, including the skin. This journey is unique for everyone, but understanding the changes can empower you to navigate it confidently.  

This World Menopause Day, we’re delving into the often-overlooked aspect of menopause: its impact on our skin. From dryness and irritation to redness and hot flushes, we’ve compiled a complete guide to our natural skincare that’ll help you through this new chapter in your skin story. 

How Does Menopause Impact Our Skin?  

Hormonal fluctuations, particularly a decline in oestrogen, can have a significant influence on skin condition, structure and function. 

Dry & Dehydrated Skin 

Reduced oil production and increased water loss can lead to dry, itchy skin. That’s one reason why our Hydrogel Face Masks are loved by so many! These ultra-hydrating skin treatments intensely hydrate, plump and soothe the skin with aloe vera juice and cooling allantoin.  

Fine Lines & Wrinkles 

Oestrogen helps stimulate the production of collagen. As levels drop during menopause, the skin can become drier, thinner and less elastic (Centre for Skin Sciences, 2013). A facial oil like our Elixir can help combat these signs of ageing, not to mention it’s clinically tested and shown to increase skin firmness and elasticity by 31%! 

Sensitive Skin 

Hormonal imbalances can increase skin sensitivity, so incorporate one of our skin soothers into your routine. Super Greens harnesses the reparative power of tamanu oil, known as ‘green gold’ by the people of French Polynesia, it’s one of nature’s speediest cell repairers, promising to calm and cocoon easily reactive skin.

Acne & Breakouts 

Acne isn’t just a side effect of that time of the month, menopausal skin can also experience blemishes due to significant hormonal changes. New Horizons clear and balance your complexion with salicylic acid to stop acne-causing bacteria, and the added blue spirulina promotes skin repair and calms irritation. 


Hormones can influence melanin production, leading to uneven skin tone or dark spots. Glow Berry is bursting with vitamin C to boost skin radiance, taking complexions recharged and improving skin evenness by 42%.

Our Toning Essence – Morning Mist Soothing Toning Essence 

If you’re experiencing hot flashes, our spray-on toning essence will provide calming pH-balanced relief and instant refreshment when you’re in need of a cool down. We keep ours in the fridge for optimum soothing action.  

Moisturiser – Skin Re-Leaf Soothing Moisturiser 

While rosacea can begin at any age, its onset is most common between the ages of 30 and 50, which means that many women may begin to experience rosacea symptoms around perimenopause or menopause. Our Skin Re-Leaf is clinically shown to reduce redness by 22% after 28 days!  

“I’m 54 and use all Tropic products. I have dry menopausal skin so wasn’t sure if I needed this. Well, 5 days in and I’m a convert. My skin feels silky smooth, and I love the texture.”  Adi, verified customer. 


Skin Feast Nourishing Moisturiser – Unscented  

Falling oestrogen levels can cause the skin barrier to become dehydrated, making it feel drier and itchier. The unscented version of our ultra-hydrating Skin Feast is perfect for all skin sensitivities as it features no essential oils that could exacerbate skin redness.  

“I have been using this moisturiser daily for years and I won’t use any other! Really nourishes my dry menopausal skin and doesn’t irritate. Non-greasy and light, but very effective” Nicki T, verified customer. 

Night Cream – Skin Dream Firming Night Cream 

When applied in the evening, Skin Dream can help renew and plump your skin while you sleep. Thanks to its unique complex of nourishing nut butters and innovative bio-retinol, 91% of testers experienced a visible reduction in wrinkle depth.   

SPF – Sun Day UV Facial Defence 

Protection from the sun is always vital, especially during this phase when skin is more susceptible to damage and age spots. While your skin’s need for SPF remains the same as before perimenopause, menopausal skin may appreciate a change in product to a richer and more moisturising SPF ( Sun Day should be applied all over the face every morning, 15 minutes before sun exposure and before makeup if you wear it.  

Lifestyle Wins  

A consistent skincare routine is only part of the equation. Simple yet effective lifestyle changes during menopause can help make the transition much more comfortable and will always have a positive impact on your skin.  


Menopause is linked to changes in metabolism, reduced bone density and increased risk of heart disease (Heathline, 2018). A balanced diet, rich in whole foods, nourishes your skin from within and helps reduce menopause symptoms. As menopause has been linked with a decrease in the body’s ability to attain hydration, drinking plenty of water will make all the difference too.  


Adequate sleep is vital for healthy skin and increased wellbeing, so listening to your body and getting the right amount of it is crucial. Check out our So Sleepy range, featuring a clinically tested blend of unwinding wild lavender to help you achieve quality shut-eye, especially during these menopausal years, where a good night’s sleep is particularly hard to catch.   

Stress Management 

Major life transitions like perimenopause and menopause can be very stressful for those experiencing it. The stress hormone cortisol can directly impact skin health by ramping up inflammation, increasing the production of acne-causing oils, inhibiting the production of collagen, and disturbing the skin’s good bacteria (M. Taylor, 2022). Try low-impact exercise like yoga, walking or Pilates, and mindful activities like meditation or deep breathing to reduce stress levels and support your mental and physical wellbeing. 

For those who find themselves struggling, there’s so much support available. Medical professionals today are more attuned to spotting the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and can offer support throughout what can be a turbulent time for many of us. So, seek help when you need it, whether speaking to friends and family, or turning to your doctor, no one should go through difficult times alone.  

Whatever stage you’re at in life, we’re here to help you. Head over to our Skincare Routine Finder to build your own personalised routine, catered to your unique skin type, age and lifestyle.  

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