Origins & Benefits of the Skincare Makeup System

Skin. Our largest organ, and if studies are to be believed, also one of the things we notice first about each other. According to research, while we were still living in caves, we needed signs to pick healthy mates so we could bring healthy children into the world. Good skin was an important signal. Nothing much has changed!

So how does healthy skin look? Clear and moist with a matte shimmer would be my description. I asked my husband to come up with his own and all he could say was “moist.” (Glad he didn’t say anything about wrinkles!) Fortunately for us, unlike our prehistoric ancestors, we don’t have to be born with clear, moist skin with a matte shimmer, we can create it using makeup with skincare benefits. And that was how the jane iredale Skincare Makeup System was born.

What Is the Skincare Makeup System? The Origins of the Perfect Trio

skincare makeup

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

It didn’t happen all at once. The first product I put on women’s faces in medical offices, spas, trade shows and everything in between was PurePressed Base, our now iconic mineral powder — a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one. I used to counsel women to put on a moisturizer first, so the minerals would adhere to the skin better and give more even coverage. I was often asked if we had a moisturizer. More on that later.

I was still learning about the potential and benefits of PurePressed Base that was formulated without fillers and synthetics, and so I paid careful attention to how the skin looked at all stages of wearing. Because the minerals were concentrated pigment, it didn’t take much to achieve the look of clear skin. Brush them on and the skin was flawless. It still looked like skin no matter how much was applied. Also, because of the shape and overlapping nature of the mineral particles, they transferred far less than normal makeup and stayed on the skin longer. I had a dramatic example of this when I visited a Soap Opera set that was using our makeup for the actors. The makeup artists were sitting with their feet up in the control room, happily relaxed because they weren’t darting out onto the set to touch-up makeup every few minutes. They literally applauded when I walked in.

Pommisst Hydration Spray

What I also noticed about the minerals was that after a while, they would set themselves. What I mean is that as they mixed with the skin’s natural moisture, they looked better and better. No sign of a powdery look and more and more like flawless skin. While I was doing my applications, I wanted to show women that look without their having to wait for it to happen naturally. That’s when the hydration sprays were born. A quick spritz over the minerals set them perfectly as well as giving the skin that coveted “moist” look. I noticed that the spray also brought a smile to the woman’s face. A beautiful fragrance will do that, such as pomegranate. From the moment we brought out our first bottle of Pommisst Hydration Spray, it has never ceased to be one of our top sellers.

Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer

So now we have PurePressed Base and Pommisst, what about the moisturizer? Moisturizers are a bit like mascaras. Every woman has different needs and a different point of view. This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all product. So perhaps the best thing was to develop a product that was a primer. A bit like our Lash Conditioner that primes lashes before the mascara of your choice is applied. A primer that could be worn with or without a moisturizer under it.

Of course, it had to be beneficial for the skin and allow it to breathe and function normally. It also had to feel light, not sticky, prevent moisture loss, and provide a smooth surface on which the minerals could adhere. This was a formulating challenge but one we solved with Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer. I love this product. I love the way it feels, the way it smells, and the fact that I can wear it by itself and often do. It has a calming effect on the skin that never fails to work for me.

So, now we have our Skincare Makeup System, and what a powerful trio they have been. They have introduced millions of women all over the world to the joys of a clear, moist skin with that youthful matte shimmer. Our ancestors would be proud.

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