Phlur Vanilla Skin Eau de Parfum Arrives June 23rd And It Will Sell Out

You should probably run and not walk to to get on the waiting list for Phlur Vanilla Skin Eau de Parfum. Yes, the beloved Vanilla Skin Body Mist will now be available in an perfume formulation with a higher fragrance concentration than the body mist has.

Phlur Vanilla Skin Body Mist launched in Fall 2023 and immediately sold out. It was a viral sensation with gourmand lovers. It took months to actually come back in stock and that was April 2024 when it did. Fast forward to present day and FINALLY Phlur has been able to keep in stock and available for those who haven’t tried it. Phlur dubs it, “An intoxicating vanilla good enough to eat!” and that much is true thanks to its sensual, warm, delicious vanilla note mixed with sugar crystals, cashmere woods, and sandalwood.

The body mist contains the following delicious notes:

Top: Pink Pepper, Pink Apple, Sugar Crystals
Heart: Lily, Jasmine Petals, Cashmere Wood
Base: Benzoin, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Agarwood

And yes, if you’re curious, the new Phlur Vanilla Skin Eau de Parfum will have the same exact notes. I actually have Vanilla Skin in the body mist formula and it is indeed, a gourmand lovers vanilla that I think we can all agree we wished smelled strong and lasted longer. Body Mists can go oh so far in those departments am I right? It’s very exciting that Phlur realized how beloved Vanilla Skin and recognized we all wanted a strong version of it. Phlur Vanilla Skin Eau de Parfum will be available on June 23rd in 1.69 oz bottles and in the travel-spray. The initial launch is on the website and it should be coming to Sephora and shortly as well! I absolutely will be indulging in this one. How about you?

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