Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Perfector BB Cream Review & Swatches

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Perfector BB Cream ($14.98) is a fairly new beauty balm that’s marked to prime, hydrate, conceal brighten, diffuse and imperfections while providing lightweight buildable coverage. It’s been a while since I tried a BB Cream from Physicians Formula but I have fond memories of using some of their old formulas like Super BB InstaReady Beauty Balm BB Cream and Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil BB Cream. Back in 2014 through 2016 or so they used to have a new BB Cream formula almost every season and I’d really look forward to trying them out. I used to really love Physicians Formula but it’s been a while since I actually purchased anything from the brand. I guess because they have more of an online presence now than they do a drugstore one. I recall walking down the aisles of drugstors like Harmon’s and running across tons of displays of their latest launches. Nowadays, that’s not really a thing.

Amazon recently recommended me their latest launch which is the new Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Perfector BB Cream and I decided why not give it a chance! I also snagged the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Filler Cheek & Lip Color and I absolutely adored that formula but sadly, the BB Cream was a bust.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Perfector BB Cream seems like a perfect little Summer foundation. Creamy, lightweight, not too hydrating but hydrating enough that it applies smoothly…! It seems perfect for warm days!

I picked it up in Light Medium but if you are indulging be sure to go up a shade as Light Medium ran really, really fair. The BB Cream arrives in a small oblong hexagon shaped bottle with a needle nose spout and a clear top that resembles a diamond and holds 1.2 oz of product inside. I was a bit concerned the squeeze bottle would retain air which would result in a lot of foundation spurting from the it but thankfully, the packaging is mess-free. I do wonder though whether I’ll be able to actually use all of it up as it does have a bit of a harder shell and it requires a hard press to get the BB Cream out.

The formula is lovely. Light, creamy, a touch hydrating, and doesn’t have any fragrance that my nose detected. It applies like a dream as well! It has a very smooth and easy application and blends perfectly into skin without adhering to drier areas. It feels soft and refreshing on my skin and doesn’t look shiny or greasy. It was formulated beautifully. I read reviews that said it was too shimmery and that it applied streaky but I had no such issues. It does swatch with some shimmer but I didn’t notice any shimmer nor luminosity once I applied it and I didn’t experience any streakiness either.

The sad part is the fact it contains no pigment. I wouldn’t even dare call it sheer. The pigment level is absurd. This can’t even pass for a tinted moisturizer! I was shocked because Physicians Formula is normally pigmented with their base products but this had absolutely no pigment to it. It was rather sad because the formula was beautiful but the lack of pigment made it a bust for me. I don’t require a ton of pigment and I’m fine with sheerer foundations or tinted moisturizers but this didn’t even offer sheer coverage.

Sigh. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Perfector BB Cream is beautifully formulated but the lack of pigment is a big disappointed. This one is going on to don’t buy list. Don’t waste your money! If you do want pigmented go with the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Filler Cheek & Lip Color which is part of the same collection! Those deliver but this BB Cream was a fail!

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Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Perfector BB Cream is $14.99 and 1.2 oz in size. It’s available in six shade selections and promises to brighten, conceal, and diffuses pores and imperfections. I thought the formula was lovely. It’s light and creamy and sets to a smooth, semi-satin finish on my skin. It isn’t greasy, shiny, nor glowy or luminous. Although, the formula is beautiful the pigment is sadly lacking. It’s marked as “buildable coverage” but the pigment level is very bad and provides absolutely no coverage and blends into skin as if you haven’t even applied it at all!


  • No coverage. Very sheer, not pigmented.


  • Light, creamy formula.
  • Applies and blends beautifully.
  • Cute packaging.


Sadly, I question WHO would like Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Perfector BB Cream.

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