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At jane iredale, our brand is known for transcending fashion trends and social media styles.  As The Skincare Makeup, we’ve often been known for our complexion products rather than our color stories.  But the introduction of our NEW PureBrow Collection has created quite a sensation with our consumers and makeup artists alike.  Why is this new collection making such a ruckus?  The answer is simple.  We’ve once again married simplicity and performance with clean technology in a way that only jane iredale can do.  It’s the perfect way to define, shape and tame your brows like never before.  Let’s talk about this extraordinary new assortment of brow enhancing products!

Define –

The PureBrow Precision Pencil is a retractable brow pencil with an ultra-precision tip for defining the brows.  It can be used to draw individual hairs on the brows or create structured lines that can then be blended effortlessly.  The result is a brow that is exquisitely defined but never drawn on.  It’s an excellent tool for anyone who wants to address sparse brows or missing hairs.  It’s also great for creating that perfectly defined tail to the brow.  

jane iredale purebrow precision pencil

Shape –

The PureBrow Shaping Pencil is also a retractable brow pencil but in a thicker, wedge shaped format that gives you the ability to fill in the brows or shape the edges for a well finished brow with consistent depth and color.  It can be used to fill brows quickly and frame brows for a smooth finish. It is the perfect tool for anyone with thin brows or a desire to create a perfected, opaque brows.

jane iredale purebrow shaping pencil

Tame –

The PureBrow Gel is an update to our original brow gel but with a new, smaller, more precise spoolie brush for exact product placement and easy blending.  It can be used to brush brows in the direction you want them to go and hold them in place for longer wear.  It works great alone or in combination with our other brow tools.  This product also comes in a clear formula with no pigment.  It’s a great tool for those with unruly brows, grey hair in the brows that you’d like to cover or for ultra-natural looks. 

jane iredale purebrow gel

Shades –

Because we realize that people often enjoy using multiple tools on their brows, we wanted to create a system that would be interchangeable and corresponding.  Thus, we created a consistent shade assortment across the entire collection.  This means that, if you like our brow gel in Neutral Blonde, you can also purchase the Precision Pencil or Shaping Pencil in exactly the same color for a consistent look.

PureBrow Formulas –

In the true spirit of jane iredale’s mission to use the highest quality and cleanest formula, we’ve developed our PureBrow products with a wonderful assortment of ingredients. 

For both our Precision Pencils and Shaping Pencils:

Vitamin C – to help prevent brow hairs from breaking and being lost.

Vitamin E – to give antioxidant protection and coat the brows for healthy skin and hair.

For the PureBrow Gel:

Algae Extract – to coat the hairs and make them smoother and more manageable.   

Meadowfoam Seed Extract – to hydrate the hairs, give them more manageability and prevent future breakage.

And, as always, we’ve left out irritants and toxins like parabens, petroleum and phthalates.

ThPureBrow Eyebrow Makeup Look –

Right now, we’re seeing fuller brows with a well-groomed appearance.  It is best achieved by following a few simple steps:

  1. Start by making sure your eyebrows are clean and have no product or oils on them. Some professionals will even clean the brows using a cotton swab or spoolie and astringent to remove any natural oils from the brows.  It gives the brow a better ability to hold the products you’re applying.
  2. If filling in sparse brows or making them thicker, apply your pencils first to put pigment on the skin between the brows. Blend the pencil well to hide any strokes and make the brows appear thicker or more dense. 
  3. Apply our PureBrow Gel to make the brows go in the direction you’d like them go. Brushing them straight up and then then blending in the direction they grow is a typical process.  Keep in mind that, at first, the gel will be fluid and the hold wont’ be apparent.  But as the gel begins to dry, you’ll get more hold.  For dramatic brow lift, two or three layers of gel are often used.  Some artists will start with clear gel and then add a colored gel or visa versa. 
  4. Finish by using the edge of the camouflage brush to apply a thin coating of our active light concealer to the skin above and below the brow to sharpen the line of demarcation and make them pop. Blend out the edges. 

For more tips on applying brow makeup, follow our simple guide: How to Shape and Define Your Eyebrows Like a Pro.

As fashions change and repeat, an interesting occurrence happens.  Many people who tweezed their brows in one decade find they wish they could get them back in another.  Women who tweezed their brows out in the 60s and 90s are now looking to create thicker, fuller brows to look more on the current trend.  This is where a good collection of eyebrow makeup and tools becomes invaluable. 

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