Rhode’s Blush Campaign Stars Hailey Bieber & the Internet’s It Girls

Hailey Bieber’s beauty brand Rhode Skin has a new product on the market. It’s called the Pocket Blush, and it looks like a lipstick style stick cream product for the cheeks. And Hailey Bieber got some of the most beloved girls in the game to front Rhode’s blush campaign. Of course this comes a year Hailey goes a little viral for her strawberry makeup.

Alongside herself, Hailey Bieber tapped models Alex Consani and Paloma Elsesser to star in the Rhode Skin Pocket Blush campaign. In the campaigns, Alex and Paloma star as Hailey’s little pocket-sized miniature dolls, sitting on the products, waving up to Hailey, and sitting on her cheek. Paloma and Alex are dressed in neutrals and baby pink loungewear.

Alex Consani and Paloma Elsesser are celebrated runway models, but a big part of their success is their ability to blend in well with the culture of the Internet. Paloma is no newcomer to virality and interviews, and Alex’s videos are the source of so many niche Internet references.

Alex Consani for Rhode Skin.
Paloma Elsesser for Rhode Skin

The new Rhode product is designed to be an on-the-go cream cheek product, though I’m not sure how much of that makes sense to me since nobody really applies blush on the go, and even if they did, they could easily just use a cream or powder blush compact with a mirror. I guess the point is that there’s no applicator needed, but honestly that’s also kind of true of any cream blush product. If you have to use your fingers to blend, you might as well use them to apply. I haven’t tried the actual product yet, but it looks really beautiful on the models. The packaging does look a bit bulky though.

The Pocket Blushes come in six shades: Piggy, Juice Box, Spicy Marg, Freckle, Sleepy Girl, and Toasted Teddy. They’re a mix of chili reds, baby pinks, browns, and everything in between. The blushes aren’t available to shop yet, but they will be soon! It’ll be available on rhodeskin.com on June 20 at 9 am PST.

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