Saturday Surfing, May 25, 2024!

Hiya! Connor has the last of her dance performances for the school year this weekend, so chances are I’m doing dance mom things as you read this. 🙂

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but where I live in the Bay Area, you’ll often see lots of wildlife roaming about. Case in point, I was coming back from lunch the other day and saw this very pretty deer on campus having a snack near a cluster of classrooms. I’ve seen her a couple times and have named her Jasmine because apparently what I do is name all the animals I happen to stumble onto.

Oh, and another thing that I do is get endless amusement from hyphens. This post from Merriam-Webster made me laugh so hard!

Anywho, I have to now attend to Connor’s high pony and red matte lipstick. Sometimes I wonder if spending the bulk of my young adult life beauty blogging specifically prepared me for getting this little lady ready for dance performances. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, and take it easy, lemon squeez-y.

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Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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