Sofia Richie Due Date, When Is Her Baby Due With Elliot Grainge?

A surprise announcement. Her star-studded ceremony is followed by a cute pregnancy. Sofia Richie’s due date is coming closer and closer months after she made her grand debut of her baby bump in Vogue.

Sofia and music exec Elliot Grainge tied the knot in a lavish, star-studded ceremony on April 22, 2023. “I love Elliot,” her father musician Lionel told Access Hollywood on April 26, 2022, shortly after his daughter’s announcement. “I’ve known him since he was 12 … It was one of those things where I don’t have to go back and check out the kid. I know who it is.”

Grainge grew up in the UK where he inherited his father’s love for the music business—his dad is Lucian Grainge, the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group. “I was a weird kid who used to read the music trades,” he told Variety in a 2019 profile. “What I noticed about my father’s negotiating style was how transparent, honest, and sensible he was. When you put your cards on the table like that, negotiating is less competitive and more about teamwork.”

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge

Sofia went Instagram Official with music executive Elliot Grainge in April 2021, just days after Entertainment Tonight first reported that the pair were dating. On April 6, an insider told the site that the pair “have been friends for years and Elliot is also close with Sofia’s brother, Miles. It’s very nice for Sofia to date someone who her family approves of and likes.”

In a since-expired Instagram Story, Sofia confirmed the speculation by posting a photo of herself and Grainge looking ready to share a kiss. Grainge, who is the founder and CEO of independent record label 10K Projects, was said to be getting “serious” with the model just days after going public with their relationship. “They started out as friends before they became a couple, and are now getting serious,” a source explained to Us Weekly at the time. “Their relationship took off and they have been getting closer and closer and spend practically every day together.”

So when is Sofia Richie‘s due date? Read more to find out.

When is Sofia Richie’s due date?

Sofia Richie’s due date for her baby girl is around Gemini season, according to Vogue. The dates that range the fiesty Gemini season are May 20 to June 16.

“She’s growing pretty fast, so [the due date] is a bit up in the air,” Richie told the magazine. “I love the YouTubes and the TikToks—even before I was talking about getting pregnant—of gender reveals, so we had our OB text my assistant Becca [our baby’s gender], and we bought two party poppers: one blue, one pink. She left out the one with the correct color inside, and Elliot and I popped it together. We both really thought it was a boy, so it was a true shock. My dream in life is to have a daughter [though], and Elliot is really excited for a girl too. I think it’s so typical for boys to want boys, but he has a lot of sisters. It was really sweet. He’s very sensitive.”

As to how they discovered her pregnancy, Richie took many pregnancy tests, but this one was particularly before an Ed Sheeran concert. “I kind of knew it was going to be a boozy night, and I was a few days late on my period, and I wanted to be generally safe, so I took a test,” she remembers. “Elliot was already used to me taking tests randomly. So he didn’t really flinch when I said I was checking. I was taking one of those really crappy at-home tests, and there was the faintest of lines. I was so used to seeing negatives that I knew when something looked even kind of different.”

The mom-to-be is excited to dress up and style herself. “Now that we’re announcing it, I have so many ideas,” she told the publication. “I’m not really tapping into maternity wear at all, if anything, I’m just sizing up. I’m also not buying an entirely new wardrobe for this pregnancy. I’ve bought a few pairs of pants in bigger sizes, but I’m wearing my same jackets, and sweaters, and trenches—I’m about to have some fun with it now that I can spread my wings and fly.”

She’s also express-building her dream home with Grainge. “We found out we were pregnant four days after we moved out of our [previous] house. We were supposed to have at least 12 months to do the renovation, so I said, ‘Listen, we have a deadline now.’ And because of that, I was able to fully customize the room. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with pastel pinks. Really bringing to life a little girl fantasy within a nursery.”

Though the baby may be a May-June baby, the married couple is planning to throw celebrations before the birth. “I’m going to tap into that in the next few months. I’ll probably do it closer to April,” Richie Grainge says. “I definitely plan on doing a baby shower and a babymoon.”

Lionel Richie opened up about his daughter’s preparation for a baby, weeks after she hit the nine-month mark, “I keep saying, ‘Calm down. When the baby comes, then your nervous breakdown will start, you know.’” he revealed to Extra the advice of the parents to be. “I mean, my life is so full right now. I mean, 39 years ago was We Are the World: The Greatest Night in Pop, and now here it is on Netflix and is doing amazing, number one around the world,” he said. “ And then we’ve got my Sofie — my baby’s now having a baby. What the heck is going on?”

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