Sol de Janeiro ’48 Perfume Mist Is Coming But Is It Too Much Now?

The newest Sol de Janeiro Perfume Mist for Summer 2024 has leaked in stores and online, but is it too much now? Sol de Janeiro ’48 Perfume Mist is a new mini mist rumored to be an Ulta exclusive with nectar, orchard, and pink musk notes. Fragrance fans think it might smell like Sol de Janeiro Bikini Season Perfume Mist, part of the limited-edition Summer 2023 and the first round-up LE scents the brand ever did. The scent may be coming under a new name, as we saw happen with Rio Radiance, which was initially introduced as Tan Lines in 2022.

The real question, though, would be, is Sol de Janeiro doing too much now? They recently introduced three more limited-edition scents for Summer 2024. Those scents were Summer e Amor, Beijos del Sol, and Carioca Crush, which came out a few weeks ago. And we just got Delicia (which doesn’t attract spiders, I promise) a few months before those! I can’t lie and say I didn’t love it when Sol de Janeiro was taking it slow with releasing new products. Why? Because the scents seem more unique, memorable, and different than what they are currently doing.

I understand striking while the iron is hot. Sol de Janeiro is HOT right now, but don’t forsake quality when doing these launches. I fear that’s exactly what they are doing, as I wasn’t all that into the last few scents they launched. For example, After Hours was just a meh for me. It just didn’t have the tropical vibe that the brand stands for.

I’ll be disappointed if the new Sol de Janeiro ’48 Perfume Mist becomes a rerun fragrance. I’ll keep hope alive that it won’t be, but we’ll have to see. Word on the street is Sol de Janeiro ’48 Perfume Mist will be available in July, but now that it’s been leaked online, chances are the brand will bring it out much sooner. I know one thing. I won’t be doing a blind buy on it. I’ll have to sniff it in-store before deciding if I need it.

What do you think of this new launch?

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