Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ’76 Aka After Hours Now Permanent

Heads up Sol de Janeiro After Hours fans they fragrance is now renamed to Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ’76 and will be a permanent part of the brand’s fragrance mist collection. As you may know After Hours was released as a limited-edition scent for Fall 2023 with notes of midnight jasmine, black currant, and amber woods. I didn’t personally like After Hours as much as I had hoped I would. It smelled light like a light version of Flower Bomb and a bit like YSL Black Opium. The scent felt like it left behind the tropical roots that Sol de Janeiro built their brand on but hey, that’s been happening a lot lately with their newer fragrances. I can’t fault them for trying something new though.

The introduction of Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ’76 comes close on another new fragrance released which is Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ’48. This is rumored to be another re-promoted fragrance with a new name and apparently smells like the limited-edition, discontinued scent Tan Lines that was released back in Summer 2022.

I think Sol de Janeiro is moving a little too quickly lately. I am a big fan of their fragrances especially their core pieces but they just seem to be releasing scents too quickly now. Not to mention, the whole new packaging, old fragrance is very Bath and Body Works behavior. It’s so easily to alienate fans when you’re constantly releasing new products so quickly especially ones that aren’t really what they asked for or even want. I see a hundred posts a day asking for Coco Cabana to return or to please do a Cheirosa ’71 Body Cream. I’m going to trust Sol de Janeiro knows better than I do what sells but the rehash of old scents in new packaging is becoming tired to me.

Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ’76 doesn’t have a launch date yet but it should be this Summer. Will you repurchase it?


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