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The holidays are over, the ground is starting to thaw, and it looks like there’s some warmth on the horizon. This can be an exciting time for many as we put away heavy coats and sweaters to make room for lighter fabrics and pastel tones. There’s nothing better than that first warm day of opening all the windows and looking outside to see the greenery coming through. The transition from winter to spring can be a lovely time to reevaluate our skincare and makeup wardrobe as well, and experiment with new spring makeup looks. A temperatures rise, our skin will typically experience things like more perspiration, higher sebum production and a greater need for SPF. The truth is keeping our skin regimen in sync with the seasons just makes good sense. Let’s look at some ways we can prepare for warmer weather.

The Clean Start: Swap Your Makeup Remover in Spring

During the cold winter months, we often switch to creamy cleansers and balms to remove makeup. Some people choose to return to soaps or foaming cleansers during the warmer months. While this change can be lighter on the skin than heavy cleansing balms, keep in mind that foaming cleansers and soaps can sometimes strip and even dry out the skin. 

  • A great moisturizing face cleanser duo is jane iredale Beauty Prep Face Cleanserand Magic Mitt. The Beauty Prep Face Cleanser is an excellent alternative to traditional cleansers because it is a Micellar Water cleanser rather than soap based. Made from nourishing ingredients like Cucumber and Aloe, it won’t dry the skin, yet you’ll find its just as effective. Micellar Water lifts dirt and impurities from skin gently and leaves a layer of soothing hydration that absorbs right in. 
  • The Magic Mitt is made from microfibers that are smaller than a human hair. They mimic the action of emulsification dissolving makeup and residue to get skin incredibly clean without upsetting the pH or drying the skin. When combined with the Beauty Prep Face Cleanser, the results of this face cleanser duo are amazing!
  • Warm up the Magic Mitt under warm water and apply a few drops of Beauty Prep Face Cleanser on top. Then gently scrub in a circular direction all over the face, including around the eyes and on the lipsKeep your Magic Mitt clean by washing it with soap after using and letting it air dry.
jane iredale Spring Makeup Collection

Prime Before You Paint: What Finish Do You Want Your Spring Makeup To Have?

During the winter, you may have been using one of our Smooth Affair Primers to keep makeup looking smooth and hydrated. This isn’t a practice that you should quit when weather gets warm. Just keep in mind what kind of finish you want your skin to have. Here are two face primers we highly recommend for seasonal transitions:

  • Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer is still our most popular face primer, famous for giving the skin a healthy, hydrated appearance. During transitional times, it will ensure that your makeup stays smooth and hydratedlooking regardless of the temperature. 
  • Smooth Affair Mattifying Face Primer is a great way to compensate if your skin tends to easily get shiny in warmer weather, making it the perfect base for spring makeup looks. But know, even though it mattifies, it won’t dry out your skin. Rather it calibrates the sebum and moisture balance of your skin for excellent makeup longevity and an even looking complexion. 

Built On The Right Foundation: Go for Sheer Coverage Spring Makeup

Because our skin tends to get blotchy and red in the winter, many people choose makeup with more coverage. Spring is an excellent time to go for more sheer makeup looks and let your skin breathe. At jane iredale, breathable foundations are what we’re known for. Here are some of our most popular formulas:

  • HydroPure Tinted Serum – Even though this is one of our most hydrating foundations and favorite for winter, most people find that it takes them well into warmer months because it is so lightweight. The nourishing ingredients and liposome technology also help the skin to continue recovering from the long winter dehydration that might have occurred. Just remember to apply an SPF over or under it to keep your skin protected.
  • Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer– This long-awaited return couldn’t have happened at a better time. Yes! Dream Tint is back and ready to take your skin into the Spring and Summer with a lightweight finish, a broad-spectrum SPF and beautiful skin-like finish that everyone loves. Wear it alone as the perfect spring makeup base or under our PurePressed Base for extra coverage.
  • PurePressed Base– Of course we can’t make the transition to warmer months without our favorite product, jane iredale’s bestseller, to carry with us. This weightless 4-in-1 powder, foundation, concealer, and SPF is a staple whether we wear it alone or over another product. Use it in the morning and take it with you for touchups throughout the day. Purepressed Base is a great addition to any spring makeup look since it’s such a versatile product.

Warm Me With A KissSpring Lip Must Haves

The final step of our wardrobe is an imperative, the lips. They get chapped in the winter and burned in the summer; so often overlooked, we must take care of them, especially as weather warms up. Here are a few really important products to consider as we move into warmer temperatures:

  • HydroPure Hyaluronic Lip Treatment – This is a product purely created for repairMade with wonderful ingredients like Padina Algae and Shea Butter, it helps lips retain moisture and restores their natural moisture. It also smooths lip texture and makes them look more youthful. It’s the perfect product to help lips recover from winter cold.
  • LipDrink Lip Balm– If we’re going back out into the outdoors, LipDrink is a must. Available in the shades Flirt, Crush, Buff and Sheer, this SPF 15 lip balm has a petroleum-free, hydrating formula that provide an antioxidant-rich protective shield. You’ll love the way it feels and howeasy it is to wear. And if you get a seasonal cold, apply a little to your chapped nose for relief and recovery!
  • ColorLuxe HydratingCream Lipstick– This is our newest lip formula and a beautiful addition to your spring makeup collectionIts finish is rich and luminous, and its formula drenches the lips with moisture. You’ll love all the gorgeous colors it comes in and how long it lasts on your lips. 

Coming out of the cold doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience for your skin. Just keep in mind that your body goes through a transition when the seasons change and plan your spring makeup accordingly. So open your windows, step outside and take a deep breath. Enjoy the warmth on your skin and know that we’ve got you covered. 

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