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Do you remember? When Ramayana aired on DD during Covid? And all of us were so overwhelmed with joy. For obvious reasons, we all love when we revisit our childhood memories. From popsicles, to lip lollies, each and every memory still stirs a spoon of sweetness with every time we re-experience them!
Such goes for stationary items, those popular erasers, pens, and pencils were a true ‘rich-kid’ experience. Those slide and stack pencils were so bomb!
That experience of switching and stacking, and getting a tip of freshly sharpened pencil every time was such a joy!

But as we all know – “Dil toh baccha hai ji”
We haven’t forgotten the ease and experience of those pencils. And while our adulthood is already cluttered, wouldn’t that be great to have such a product, AGAIN?

Pluck – Plug – And Play!

These Lipsticks…errr….. LIPSTACKS! Are unique, revolutionary products that gather 4 shades in just one lipstick! Hence, perfect for those always – on – the – go life! This one lipstick manages to give you a full-fledged touch up in a jiffy!

While it becomes very difficult to manage various shades of conventional lipsticks, these stacks give you the liberty of saving space, time, and money.

While the beauty and cosmetic industry is ever evolving, innovation is the key to be different, and TNW hears that! With these stackable lipsticks! These versatile and trendy products have taken the beauty industry by storm. The whole idea behind these stackable lipsticks is to offer a makeup solution that enforces unmatched versatility, convenience, style. TNW’s stackable lipsticks are bound to become a new beauty obsession! 

The packaging itself is a visual treat, drawing its inspiration from the 90s kid’s favorite stationary, TNW Lipstacks offer the comfort of and convenience.

What Are the Various Benefits of a Stackable Lipstick?

1. Express Your Individuality:

TNW’s Lipstack allows you to customise your palette, transforming your lipgame from nay to yay! With an assortment of bright, captivating shades, you have the freedom to mix and match the shades, creating the one that complements your mood, style, and outfit!

2. Simplifies Your Routine:

We understand the daily life hustle, and hence our stackable lipsticks are designed to make your beauty routine more efficient! No more fumbling through your makeup drawer or purse to find that perfect shade – our stackable design ensures that all your favourite shades are just a TWIST away!

Tnw Lipstack for brighter lips
3. Travel In Style:

Whether you are going for a long vacation or just a weekend getaway, these stackable lipsticks. From your travel, to quick touch ups during the meeting, TNW’s Lipstacks are your perfect companion. These stackable lipsticks offer a compact, sturdy, and easy to handle packaging that makes you take the entire lip collection with you, without compromising the space in your bag!

Tnw Lipstack

4. Create Your Art:

The best thing about beauty is that it has no rules, and no boundaries. Mix one, or all to customise your look! You can also mix and match with the two stack shades to customise and make your own stack with your favourite set of shades!

What Makes Tnw’s Lipstack, Better Than the Rest?
While there are plenty of stackable lipsticks available in the market, TNW’s Lipstack cuts above the edge!

TNW’s Lipstack are available in 2 music inspired shades- Playlist and Jukebox that get your lips groove to the beats!

Tnw Lipstack Shades
TNW’s Lipstack is an ultra pigmented, creamy formula that glides like butter and settles matte upon application. It gives a full coverage look in just one swipe! Stay through your meals, so no worry of touch ups even if you are having a buffet!

Infused with lip-loving ingredients such as Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and Hyaluronic Acid.. These ingredients nourish your lips and prevent them from chapping, drying, and getting cracked. Oh! And not to forget! Effortless application!

Using TNW’s Stackable Lipstick is intuitive and creative!

  • Select your stack (Or both!)
  • Detach the shade from the rest of the stack  by twisting clockwise, twist again at the top most shade to recreate the stack.
  • Swipe on the lips to apply.

Embrace your inner artist, to mix and match the shades and stack to ‘amplify’ your experience! Our stackable lipsticks are a tool of self expression. Secure your stack by closing and twisting the cap to avoid any further damage.

These lipsticks are Paraben free, Vegetarian, and Cruelty Free! So no worry about the toxins! And not just you, TNW cares about nature too!
TNW has committed to sustainability, from plastic positive packaging to reduced packaging waste, these stackable lipsticks are just an effort to adhere to commitment!

The modern and modular design of our stackable lipstick minimises the packaging wastage. By consolidating many lip shades in one stack, we reduce the excessive need of plastic and other materials. TNW believes in curating that stands the test of time, The durable and sturdy construction of our Lipstack ensures that you’ll use and cherish them as long as they last!

The ability to customise and mix lip colors ensures that you end up using all the shades present in the stack, reducing the chances of product going to waste. Additionally, the stackable design is an encouragement to hold onto the product for longer, isn’t it?

Why You Should Get One Stackable Lipstick for Yourself, Right Now!

TNW’s approach has always been fresh and innovative, and stackable lipsticks are one of them. With their customising options, space saving benefits, and potential environmental advantages, this lip product quickly catches the attention of all the makeup enthusiasts! As other beauty brands continue to explore the ‘trending’ products, TNW continues to be nature friendly, by providing sustainable packaging and consumer friendly solutions. TNW’s Lipstack stands as an example of how some simple amendments in the beauty routine can enhance sustainability.

So whether you are a makeup junkie who loves to explore everything new in the market, or an eco-conscious consumer, aiming to make a positive impact, stackable lipsticks make a delightful and guilt-free solution that is here to stay!

It is finally the time to embrace a new era of convenience, customization, and sustainability, all while elevating your beauty routine. TNW Lipstacks are more than a makeup, they are a whole new experience that gives you the freedom to be as artsy with your looks!

Discover the endless possibilities of lip expressions: Just Pluck, Plug, and Play!
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