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Ever heard of marshmallow root? Or cottonseed extract? Well, our green skincare scientists searched high and low to source these skin-softening ingredients for our little miracle Sun Stick. The goal? To provide UV defence while cocooning vulnerable, sun-exposed skin in marshmallow softness. Who could resist! 

Did you know that some areas of your body are more prone to sun damage? If you’ve been sunburnt before, you’ll probably remember a sore, red nose. Or maybe you’ve landed on this article because you’re suffering with peeling, lobster-like shoulders as we speak. We’ve all been there! That’s why we created Sun Stick. Designed to deflect UV rays and top-up the protection on those sun-vulnerable areas, you can pop Sun Stick in your pocket and glide on throughout the day! But this travel-friendly SPF delivers more than optimal defence. It’s laden with skin-softening goodness from nature’s most gentle plant extracts. From marshmallow root to cottonseed oil – read on to discover the secret ingredients that make Sun Stick feel like a soothing comfort blanket.

Cottonseed Oil

If you’ve ever had a bad day, you’ll know the comfort of swaddling yourself in a soft, cotton bath towel. But did you know that you can find the calming qualities of cotton in our skincare and beauty products, too? Derived from natural cotton seeds, this omega-6-rich oil is known to protect from environmental pollutants and free-radical damage. Wrapping vulnerable skin in a layer of fatty acids and antioxidants, your skin barrier will feel strengthened and able to lock in moisture – key to plumping up dehydrated skin cells and patching up peeling cheeks, shoulders, or noses.

Marshmallow Root Extract

A go-to when skin is red or raised, this natural anti-inflammatory has the power to calm irritation triggered by sun exposure and leave your skin feeling soft and pillowy, just like a marshmallow! Ideal for sensitive skin, this natural sunburn remedy is gently moisturising, with skin barrier-repairing qualities too – working to shield tender skin from further damage. In fact, the botanical name for this dainty, white-flowered plant is ‘Althaea Officinalis’ – meaning ‘to heal’ in Ancient Greek!

Tamanu Oil

Okay, this one is not so secret… because we talk about it all the time! And for good reason. Known as ‘green gold’ by the locals in French Polynesia, where the tamanu nut originates, this gorgeous green oil is one of the speediest natural cell repairers we’ve ever set eyes on. With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it’s the hero ingredient in our best-selling Tamanu Balm (a pot of gold for burns, bites, and scar healing). Rich in powerful antioxidants too, recent studies have demonstrated that tamanu oil actually has a natural sun protection factor of around 20! With this superpowered ability to protect cells from UV damage and repair skin too, tamanu is the perfect addition to our handy Sun Stick.

Coupled with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sun filters and trusty vitamin E, it’s never been easier to shield those sensitive areas with an extra layer of protection. Thanks to Sun Stick’s innovative blend, you’ll be cotton-soft and comfortable, whatever the weather.

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