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We’re going back to the beginning to trace the birth of a true superstar – Tamanu Balm, the first Tropic product to make use of the reparative powers of one of our hero ingredients, tamanu oil. Susie, ready to tell this tamanu tale?

Absolutely! The seeds for what would eventually become Tamanu Balm were sowed when we first set up our Ambassador sales opportunity in 2013. Back then, we started with a core group of 400 Ambassadors and it was essential to me that I got to know each and every one of them – after all, they were some of the first people I was trusting to sell the products I’d created who weren’t my immediate friends and family.

The more I talked to all of them and heard their inspiring life stories, the more I realised just how much room there was to really diversify my skincare range. I couldn’t expect the people who were investing their time and effort into my business to sell products which weren’t going to reflect their own skin needs, so I needed to create new ones.

The first ever Ambassador to sign up with us was Gill. In our conversations, I soon found out that she dealt with insecurities over a scar on her face she’d received during a car accident, and she actually asked me if there were any Tropic products that could help to fade its appearance. At the time, the answer was no – but I was determined to make that product a reality, for her and for everyone else with a scar or sore.

On a trip to Barcelona, at an exhibition to see how we could enhance our products with the most cutting edge skin science, I found answers. I was talking to an expert (I can still remember her name was Barbara!) who told me about the amazing benefits of an oil called tamanu, which I’d never heard of before. She let me know its history in its native Polynesia where it was known as ‘green gold’, how it had been used by soldiers to help tend to their wounds and ease discomfort.

I knew straight away that I’d found my scar soother. After doing more research of my own, I started to develop the formulation for Tamanu Balm. The benefits were even greater than I’d initially imagined. As well as being one of the speediest cell repairers I’d ever seen with the ability to promote the formation of new skin tissue, it was full of skin-loving fatty acids, with anti-inflammatory properties to help heal any inflammation and antibacterial abilities that prevented any further flare-ups. I also thought the uniquely herbaceous scent really made it stand out!

When I was deciding what ingredients would be the perfect support acts to make this the most nourishing balm possible, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with the moisturising, skin barrier-strengthening abilities of shea and cupuaçu butters. After adding blackcurrant, cranberry and raspberry seed oils, along with vitamin E, to provide a burst of antioxidants, I knew the formulation was complete.

That was just the start of our Tropic tamanu journey. Since then, it’s been part of a whole host of products which benefit our customers and Ambassadors alike. And it’s all thanks to amazing women like Gill and Barbara! Find out more about the ingredient Tamanu.

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