The 10 Best Hair Scrunchies To Shop Now

I have a confession to make: growing up, I never used hair scrunchies. Every swaying pony was held with the tightest, snaggy-est clear elastic. You, too?

I thought they were so convenient since they were tiny, super expandable, and could hold all of my thick hair in place. Little did I know, I was severely damaging my hair. Thankfully, I (and everyone else) have switched from these awful rubber band-like hair ties to hair scrunchies!

Hair scrunchies aren’t just the chic option to the boring black elastic, they actually securely hold your ponies and buns without creating unnecessary tension on the strands! This minimizes the possibility of breakage, hair loss, and those annoying hair dents.

But, not all hair scrunchies are created equal. Some fray immediately after a few uses, others are too tight, and then there are those that keep sliding off. Below, we created a list of the best hair scrunchies for all hair types that’ll look, feel, and perform better than your regular elastics.

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Hair Scrunchie VS Hair Tie Elastic: Which One’s Better?

Whatever you may call it, “hair ties”, elastics, or “hair bands” are traditionally the opposite of hair scrunchies, but sometimes the names are used interchangeably.

Hair tie elastics are smaller, sleeker, and tightly hold onto your hairstyle without slipping and sliding. Scrunchies, on the other hand, are slightly poofier with a scrunched, usually soft fabric.

Depending on how big of a scrunchie it is, they can hold hair tightly or more loosely, but are always gentle on your hair.

Hair elastics keep hair tightly in place, but this means they can snag and pull on strands, leading to follicle damage that can progress to tension alopecia. Scrunchies are the solution to keeping hair up in place without this severe tension.

Unlike the scrunchies of yesteryear, they now come in different sizes, colours, textures, and fabrics so there’s a product for every hair type, length, and thickness!

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1. The Sherpa Scrunchie by Emi Jay

  • Made of 100% sherpa fleece
  • Handmade
  • Pillowy soft

The Sherpa Scrunchie from Emi Jay is the accessory you need if you’re just lounging at home or having a girls’ night in. Its fabric makes it the perfect thin hair scrunchie as the fleece can gently hold onto fine hair without pulling or snagging.

Think of it as the “robe” of hair scrunchies—you’ll use it every day, whether you’re working or doing your skincare or makeup routine, and you can rely on it to comfortably keep your hair away from your face. Win, win!

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2. The Original Scrunchie by Scünci

  • Soft, knit fabric
  • Plenty of colours to choose from
  • Gentle hold

If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ll know Scünci’s scrunchie as one of the OGs. It’s the one we all went to after years of tight ponytails and buns… and it still holds up to this day!

Each one is super stretchy and soft, so it never feels tight on your hair or head. Scünci’s hair scrunchies are also extra durable that they last for a long time—buying multi-packs is often more than you’ll ever need.

If you’re craving a little nostalgia, you can never go wrong with Scünci, especially since it works for all hair types.

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3. Slip Skinny Scrunchies

  • Made of 100% mulberry silk
  • Anti-crease and anti-hair fall
  • Comes in hair colour shades

The silk hair scrunchie that made us want to wear scrunchies again. Slip hair scrunchies blew up for looking elegant and chic and actually holding up all sorts of updo hairstyles, all while being gentle on your mane.

Slip’s hair scrunchies, like The Skinny Scrunchie, was one of the first designs to prove that hair scrunchies didn’t have to be bulky. Its slim design suits finer hair types, but because of its stretchiness, it can also work for medium to thicker hair types!

Depending on your hair colour, you can also create a seamless hairstyle by choosing from their shades that range from everything from Noir Black to Blonde and Silver.

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4. Sitting Pretty’s Essential Silk Hair Ties

  • Come in a 3-pack
  • Made of luxe, 100% mulberry silk
  • Ultra-soft for zero damage

Bringing the best parts of a hair tie and a hair scrunchie together, Sitting Pretty’s Essential Silk Hair Ties were designed to be an updo overachiever. These skinny silky hair scrunchies are small, but soft so they can wrap around ponies and buns with ease.

With 100% mulberry silk and soft charmeuse weave, they prevent kinks and creases, so when you want to let your hair down, it’ll look like it was never up in the first place!

This set is the perfect hair accessory for on-the-go updos in yoga class or that all-night swaying pony. With three ties in a pack, you’ll have plenty to use for various braids, ponies, or buns!

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5. Kristin Ess The Ruffle Scrunchie

  • Great for all hair types and textures
  • Formal hairstyle approved
  • Very flexible without being bulky

I used to envy Lucy Hale and Lauren Conrad’s “effortless” waves. So when I found out their hairstylist, Kristin Ess, came out with a hair care line, I just knew it would be good.

While her Beach Wave Spray is a must-have texturising spray to get the same no-frizz hairstyle as her celeb clients (it’s one of the best for emphasizing your natural texture!), her Ruffle Scrunchie deserves some love too.

Its delicate white eyelet makes it one of the prettiest hair accessories for brides, but it can be used for any special event to add a playful twist to your hairstyle.

And because it’s made of lacey layers of tulle, it won’t slip off or damage hair, whether you have thin or thick hair.

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6. Kitsch Satin Sleep Pillow Scrunchies

  • Made of plush satin
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Great for protective sleep styles

Did you know hair scrunchies can be used while you sleep too? They’re one of the best accessories for protective sleep styles that keep your waves, curls, and coils fresh without getting frizzy.

This is why Kitsch’s satin hair scrunchie is extra soft, so you won’t feel uncomfortable while you toss and turn in your bed! When you wake up, your morning hair will be tangle-free, frizz-free, and selfie-ready. For extra smooth hair, be sure to sleep with a hair protecting silk pillowcase too!

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7. Crown Affair The Scrunchie No. 003

  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Not too big, not too skinny
  • Super strong inner elastic

Don’t like it when your scrunchie is too big that it overwhelms your hairstyle, or too thin that it can’t properly hold onto a pony? Crown Affair’s option is the one for you.

As one of the best hair scrunchies for thick hair, it’s just the right size for various thick hair textures without adding extra bulk.

It also makes the cutest wrist accessory, with their unique olive green color way adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

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8. Lululemon Uplifting Scrunchies Textured

  • Upgraded elastic
  • Great for running or training
  • Made of responsibly sourced wood-based materials

If you need an extra tight ponytail or bun, but don’t want to get the damage that comes from wearing hair tie elastics, Lululemon’s hair scrunchie is the one thick and thin hair have been dreaming of.

The textured design adds a sweet flair to your gym look, making it both functional and fashionable. Use it during intense workouts like CrossFit training or a HIIT class, and you won’t have to worry about it coming off in the middle of a session!

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9. Bread Bread-Puff

  • Strong elastic band encased in satin
  • Suitable for all hair textures and types
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Aside from its adorable name, the Bread Puff is a unique hair accessory in that it’s actually a hair tie. But, it’s been wrapped with high quality satin to provide long-lasting hold without causing damage or breakage to your hair. Guaranteed, it won’t leave dents on your hair!

Whether you want to wear a messy bun, a half-up hairstyle, or a top knot, the Bread Puff is your secret weapon to looking effortlessly chic for any hair type.

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10. Pattern Velvet Scrunchies

Got a lot of volume up top? Don’t worry. Tracee Ellis Ross knew what she was doing when creating the Velvet Scrunchies.

Pattern’s hair scrunchies are extra large and luxurious to the touch. They’re made with quality velvet, so are gentle on strands—which is a need for textured hair—and are super stretchy, so you can safely wrap your voluminous curls without worry.

Given that it’s made of velvet, though, we recommend you wash these before using them as their colour may transfer to your clothes or even your hair if you’re a bleach blonde!

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