The 5 hair trends we’ll all be wearing this Summer – Iles Formula

With Paris Fashion Week now over, it’s time to round up the hair trends we’ll be seeing this Spring Summer 2024.

This season, like every Paris Fashion Week, hairstylists competed creatively backstage, laying out the trends for the coming fall-winter season and how you should be styling your hair this season. Here are our top 5 trends from this fashion week:

1. Boho Braids

Boho braids are beloved for their versatility. They are an easy-going hairstyle that remains timeless and trendy. What  is appealing here is that at the very beginning of all facial braids a small section of hair is left out unbraided to represent cotton thread ends.


How to get this look: 

Apply the ILES Balm all over and braid as usual. The balm allows pliable movement if needed and will maintain a damp no frizz look till washed out.  Due to its sustainably sourced Shea Butter it has a natural UV protection too!


2. Bold Bowl Cuts

Let’s be honest, the bowl cut isn’t the easiest hairstyle to get right, but leave it to Paris to make one of the most polarizing haircuts chic. During fashion week, the city was crawling with guests sporting their takes on the bowl haircut. The full bang gives the look shape, while the tapered sides and back keep it from appearing too bulky. When cut and styled correctly, the bowl cut becomes the perfect understated, classy look. 


How to get this look / add iles product to use 

The perfect Iles Styling product for this look is the Finishing Serum. This serum will deliver expensive lustre and keep humidity out of this perfect graphic shape. 

3. Micro Bangs

Micro bangs are undeniably having a moment. The style is generally defined by its close cut, which has an edgy appeal. But thanks to the softly tapered ends, it feels more elegant and romantic.


How to get this look: 

Ends could be caressed with the  ILES Balm  giving a slightly damp defined look to the ends.

4. Intricate Buns

Despite their laid-back aesthetic, messy buns often require much more effort than immediately meets the eye. We saw lots of updos using small braids and loosely placed tendrils wrapped together in a delicate balance to deliver a hairstyle that is every bit as romantic as it is effortless.


How to get this look: Apply the ILES Balm all over the hair and comb through. The easiest way to obtain a textured chignon like this on yourself is to attach a low, tight ponytail and then braid it, attaching the end with a small band. Turn the braid clockwise and pin it in place. 

5. Braided Pigtails

The braided ponytail soared in popularity this time last year, with Rhianna rocking the braided pony at the Super Bowl halftime show. Since then its popularity has continued to soar, now evolving into pigtails. Consider this ponytail the stylish cousin to the classic school-girl style, elevating this traditional look with an edgy twist.


How to get this look: add Iles product to use The Iles Formula Finishing Serum could be used for a silky look or the ILES Balm for a more controlled damp  look. The sewing is best done with a half-circle upholstery needle that will prevent the needle  point from hitting the scalp. Sew any design you wish .


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