The Best Shampoo – Iles Formula

Iles Formula has won yet another award! NEW BEAUTY, the leading authority on all things beauty, has awarded us with this coveted recognition.

Beauty editors and insiders can’t get enough of the ILES Formula Shampoo Haute Performance and the transformational effect it has on hair. The creamy texture, salon-worthy scent and sulfate-free formula are a bonus.


The Iles Formula Shampoo is a powerful product, formulated with the most exclusive, high performing, sustainably sourced, antioxidant-rich ingredients which are perfectly pH balanced to work for all ages and hair types to achieve phenomenal results. The Iles Formula Shampoo is a gentle yet effective cleanser that not only removes impurities but also softens the hair and evens out porosity. This crucial first step sets the stage for the hair repair process, ensuring that subsequent treatments can penetrate deeply and deliver maximum benefits.

  • Clinically proven to stop hair breakage when used alongside the Iles Formula Conditioner.
  • A Colorist’s best friend; refreshes all hair color by buffing over porosity bars often found in dull blondes and extensions.
  • Reviews are testimony to the spectacular lustre our Shampoo brings to all hair colors.
  • Known for its ability to calm sensitive scalps including psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and baby’s cradle cap.

What’s more everyone can experience this formula as it’s for all ages and all hair types.

The Iles Formula Shampoo is phenomenal – not just for color treated hair, but for its ability to stop hair breakage when used together with the Iles Conditioner


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